Food diary: 30 June 2007


– Fried egg with ginger in it.
– A small sweet potato.

– A cup of Nescafe Breakfast 3-in-1 (absolutely adore the drink)
– Yong tau foo stuff in bitter gourd (yes, I love bitter gourd)
– Some kind of taugeh (but it is green colour and I love it too)
– 2 pcs of Gardenia Breakthrough bread with light spread of “No added sugar” peanut butter.

took a small sip of 100 plus
picture fooddiary - Food diary: 30 June 2007
– Yong tau foo stuff in bitter gourd
– Small plate of the green taugeh again, this time stir fried
– A sprinkle of dried apricots, pumpkin seeds and raisins.
– Another cup of Nescafe Breakfast 3-in-1
– A slice of Gardenia Breakthrough bread, heated in the owen with a slice of cheese.
– An orange to close it off.

And not forgetting, lots of H2O.
That’s what I had for today 🙂

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