My first day…how I fared

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Friday- my first day. Let’s see how I fared:

brought a cup of soya milk with no sugar. Normally if I buy from her, I always take it sweet. So she said ‘you on diet-kah’. I shyly said yes lor. First time, tasted the rich taste of soya, which is normally masked by sacharin. Also brought roasted soya beans for munching. Then about an hour before lunch, I took 2 bananas. Surprisingly, that kept me full and contended.
What I used to have: Normally I would have either 3 pieces of kuih or a mayo tuna/egg sandwich with my coffee- and that made crave for more food within 1hr. Normally will eat some kacang putih or chew gum.

Took a Hakka dish called “mai cha”. Basically it consists of a small bowl of brown rice mixed with all types of vegetables like long beans, pak choy, a little peanut. Brought a packet of nangka and pineapple- with no asam powder. Ate with bananas. Surprisingly, no hunger pangs.
What I used to have: Rice (normal serving), with 3 dishes. I don’t take meat so it will normally be 2 dishes of glutton or fried mushroom and one vege dish. After that comes dessert- can be a piece of banana or chiffon cake. With fruits with asam powder. And by 4pm, I will feel little hungry and in a good mood for a snack. A colleague of mine have been putting supplies of delicious fried kacang putih (it really taste nicer than those you normally get from outside). 5 pieces of fried flour curry flavour coated kacang/peanut fast becomes 10, then 15. Then I have another 1/2 cup of coffee.

Just a dish of eggs and vegetables. No rice.
What I used to have: 2 tablespoons of rice. Love to have a bit of fried stuff such as wedges with dinner. And after dinner, I always have the urge to eat something sweet such as a piece of chocolate. At the very least, a bubble gum- Dentyne is my favourite brand coz you can blow bubbles with it.

My experience on my first day:

  • At first, I decided not to have my morning coffee (coz of the hidden sugar). Big mistake…. a mild headache that started about 11.30am turned unpleasant when I was having my lunch. But about 1/2 hour later, the pain reduced. Would have to work with the caffeine addiction later….
  • Amazed that I do not suffer from hungry pangs.
  • Sweet tooth attacks were conquered with fruits. Even though there are sugar content, it is natural fructose. Whereas white refined sugar, candy, cakes are just empty calories.
  • Generally feel more energetic and able to concentrate on work- the slight headache does not bug me as much as my normal fatigue does.
  • The mind is more calm and composed- no feeling of ups or downs.

If we were to diet and deny our cravings too much, it will come a day when our entire system rebel and we go into binge eating. If we eat one piece of kuih, we will feel hungry very fast- and we have to control ourselves not to eat anymore. But instead of eating the kuih that generates the yo yo blood sugar reaction (making you hungry), why not eat fibre, protein (such as eggs or tofu) that will not make you hungry. Even a banana is better than a kuih coz it is natural food and releases sugar gradually to your bloodstream.

The choice is up to us. For me, I got so fedup with the negative effects of sugar. I owe myself at least a try.

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