Life without the gym…

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Today is the first day that I have no access to the gym since I had frozen my membership for the month. Initially, I had set my alarm clock at 6.30am in the morning -plan to do some homework, followed by running at a nearby park. But darn, it rained early in the morning and lasted till afternoon. Then I planned to go in the evening and after meeting with an old friend, it was late and it was raining. So, no outdoor exercise for me today.

That is one of the challenges that folks without gym access to continue being motivated to exercise. One must have a relatively high motivation to always seek alternatives when faced with the challenge of the elements. Later part of the night, I am planning to put in a couple of exercise DVDs that my friend had burned for me.

Initially I had mentioned in a previous post that I am planning to train with more intensity for my upcoming trip. My cardio intensity had increased but I am not able to practice as often as I would like due to other job and personal commitments. It will be busy days ahead leading towards my trip and I will do my best to squeeze in as much exercises as I can. I know a number of my friends also face demanding working and family life (especially those with kids). So I will try to identify limitations and figure out solutions to overcome those limitations, in which I will share with in my blog.

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3 thoughts on “Life without the gym…”

  1. Sean the bugger

    Gym nowadays is no longer a good place to work-out – it has somehow evoluted into a social networking spot – guys go to impress girls, girls go there to be picked up and those in-betweens go there to…hog the queue line. I m not saying all, I m merely saying mostly.

    That being said, there are many other ways to stay fit – jogging, hiking, and swimming. You do need a lot of self motivation tho. But I am sure you have that, so keep it up.

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