Temptation of 10 course dinner & home-baked brownies

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Yesterday I had a 10-course dinner and next week, I have another friend’s wedding dinner coming up. My ‘no sugar & starch’ rule will not apply during such dinners ūüôā

But somehow, if you exercise often and cut off sugar/starch from your diet, you would probably find that you have less tendency to overeat. Like yesterday, I was already full after the second dish was served. Guess is also because I am used to having very light dinner- yes, you can actually get used to eating light or nothing for dinner.

During the dinner, I skipped the fried rice, steamed fish and prawns but helped myself to the sweet ‘tong shui‘.

Today, I also indulged in a small piece of brownie made by mom. That, with dinner (ate dishes with no rice), made me feel a bit uncomfortable and bloated. I don’t get that feeling when I take my meals without rice or starch.

Many people generally love to eat till they feel the ‘fullness’ or bloating feeling. Then only would they consider that they’ve taken a proper meal. This is probably the result from years of conditioning by our culture and environment. Takes discipline and determination to break away from old habits. Hopefully the following week, I will be able to stick to my eating plan- till I break it again next Saturday.

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