Not enough time to exercise? Cut down those TV hours

Last Updated on September 22, 2020

We often say that we do not have enough time to exercise. But the fact is…..we have the tendency to spend lots of time on unproductive time drainers such as watching TV, videos on YouTube or Netflix, playing video games, attending social gatherings so that we can upload the photos into Facebook……and the list goes on.

Yes, it is true that we need entertainment in our lives, to unwind from the demands and stressors in our lives. We cannot be spending time doing all the serious stuff without rest.

On and off, I do find myself being sucked into the time draining act of watching movies and sometimes drama TV series. It is time consuming as each series come with at least 20 episodes which means I am mindlessly spending time doing nothing but to see the next outcome. And 2 weeks down the line, who cares anymore about the final outcome.

Actually watching a little TV for entertainment and to unwind is okay but when TV is the only thing we start to look forward to, we then have a problem that we need to address.

To prevent myself from mindlessly tuning on to the TV, I walk away when the TV is being turned on. I cannot control the acts of others but I can control my reaction to it. I use it to do more productive things like reading, catching up on my Thai language, organise my stuff, do household chores and typing blog posts. When I had time to complete these tasks so that they no longer hover at the back of my mind, I then more time for workouts.

After jogging about twice to three times a week for about 3 weeks, coupled with weight training, I am really beginning to feel the wonderful effects of a fitter body. Less tired, more energetic, not so stressed at work. The positive feelings that come from this is dull in comparison with the hypnotic zombie like feeling that comes from watching few hours of TV.

At first when you start to workout you would probably feel tired, painful and miserable as the improved circulation may cause long stored sludge and toxins alongside your intestine walls and adipose tissue being dislodged. Take lots of water and a good warm up plus a cool down is a must (to minimize muscle cramp and soreness).

Stick with this two to three times per week and by the second week you would look forward to your workouts rather than being slumped in front of the sofa. Those people you see hiking, playing sports, training for marathons, working out a good sweat at the gym or park day after day- they are not crazy. When you have a good sweat from a good workout, our entire system feel very good. It uplifts your mood and make you more prepared to face the day or week ahead. The effect is not even near to what watching a sitcom could do.

Some of them may have humble beginnings of being 50 pounds heavier, a certain health problem, being a couch potato ….till they decide to do something about it and never look back.

When you feel healthy and stronger, other snowball effect may come- because you feel better about yourself, you need not seek solace in food, entertainment or other people’s opinion. You would also have less tendency to load yourself with junk food as you know it drains away your energy, neither do you want to eat high caloric food as it would undo all your good efforts.

So, any chance if putting that telly aside and instead putting on that pair of sneakers for a walk or run?

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