Kidney pain in the morning? Cut down your coffee intake

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If you suffer from kidney pain or discomfort in the morning, cut down your intake of coffee especially thick gourmet coffee. If you must have your daily cuppa in the morning, take the usual inexpensive coffee with relatively low caffeine content.

And don’t drink coffee after 2pm in the afternoon.

If you have been a strong coffee drinker for years you may have suspected that the discomfort you feel at your lower back and at kidneys areas could be related to the coffee that you are taking.

As I have written previously I used to have kidney discomfort for years. Recently I had gotten fever and due to mu body temperature being up, I had to cut down my intake of coffee in order to get well. Just as I have suspected, the pain was not there when I took only half a cup of coffee in the morning. I still take coffee because I would get withdrawal symptom that comes in the form of a massive headache when I attempt to go cold turkey on caffeine.

But even though we can be caffeine addicts, we can still learn to control our intake for our kidneys’ sake. If your kidney fails we lose the ability to do lots of things and have to go for dialysis. It is not worth it, don’t you agree?

I now replace my afternoon cuppa with milo or Horlicks. Admitedly it is not my favourite drinks but it is something that we can all get used to after a while. Most important, minimize the coffee intake.

And do more physical exercise to get your body’s circulation moving. I find jogging to be quite ideal for this. I used to dislike it but as my fitness level build up, I find myself less tired and have less need for that caffeine dose.

Try it- if you have kidney discomfort, please please cut down your caffeine intake. Also get a checkup if the issue persists.

It is not worth to ruin your health due to work stress, relationship problems, pressure or feeling bsd about things or ownself. We only have our body as our constant companion. Like it or not we are stuck with what is given to us. Love it and take good care of it so that it can be there for us.

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