Cheated out of the benefits of a workout…

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Sugar is really a cheat, you know. Those little indulgences actually translate to huge calories and more fat layers that will only come in handy if you are a hibernating mammal residing in the Artic.

An interesting observation:

  • What makes you hungry faster? A couple of wholemeal bread or a small packet of nasi lemak? Sure, you will initially feel full after your nasi lemak, but will get hungry fast and suddenly.
  • A packet of teh tarik or nescafe. Worst of it is with ice coz there tend to be more sugar.
    One day I was buying a packet of teh ais (iced milk tea) at my favourite coffee shop. I counted, with alarm, that the guy needs to put 6 full tablespoons of condensed milk and one tablespoon of sugar in order to make the delicious tea that I loved so much. Scary…

So after the intial shock settled, I decided to stop packing my favourite drinks. Luckily, Nescafe manufactured the Body Partner Breakfast 3-in-1 which is now my favourite morning drink. Less calories- I still cannot resist sugar and milk with my daily caffiene dose. But the dosages are much lower now.

No matter how much you workout, if you eat lots of carbo/sweet stuff, you are seriously, seriously depriving yourself the benefits of the exercise. Coz for most people, the more you eat carbo, the more the urges come. The more it comes, the more you need to fight. Sometimes you win, but many a times you may lose. So the more you eat, the more you need to work at the gym to ‘pay back’. As the result, you may end up even causing long term damage to knees and joints due to overexertion. Since I started exercising, I can eat more without any weight gain. But I don’t get any weight lost which I will otherwise inevitably witness had I ‘exercised’ more control.

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