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Dear all,

Just a quick update that there is a change in my site design today (8 April 2010)  from the one with green blue background to this. From a reader feedback, I hope the white background will be less distracting while you are searching for information. The site layout is similar to my Life Blog.

I am also working on better product classification so that you can access to areas of health that is of your interest instead of browsing through a sea of topics. There are a number of useful articles that I’ve written in the past but now have been buried in the archives. 

There will be more future articles on mind-body connection to health ailments as I am finding a close connection between the mind and body and is doing extensive research on this area. All changes and updates are performed manually…. so do bear with me.

Thank you for all your support and feedback. I look forward to your continous support- if anything, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me.

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