Curing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Constant Lethargy

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The reason why this blog is started in the first place is because I wanted to document my battle with sugar addiction- which I thought was the evil behind my escalating weight and constant fatigue syndrome. 

Because constant fatigue, lethargy and tiredness are common episodes for me, I am serious about battling it because these had adversely affected my quality of life. As such, what you are about to read is something relayed from my personal experience of having tried almost anything under the sun:

  • Attempted to cut off sugar from my diet- and thus this health blog began in 2006- initially, the blog is called “goodbye sugar- saying goodbye to a lifelong addiction” instead of Health Blog- health thru lifestyle change.
  • Make sure that I do not skip my exercise sessions- very loyal gym member
  • Try my best to combine food using Glycaemic principal when I find that I cannot quit taking sugar entirely

Do the above methods work?

To a certain extend, they could just cover the symptoms for sometime. But once I stopped doing things like eating right, exercising….the fatigue came back.

It is something that baffled me for a long time. If you have understand waking up in the morning feeling drained instead of refreshed and tired during the day….or….if you tried to use exercise to wake up your tired body and mind, you will find that it sometimes doesn’t work. 

And then you become a caffeine addict- a desperate attempt to get more energy, focus and the ability to just get your job and tasks done. After all, you need to earn a living, tired or otherwise. This is the way of the world. But you may be paying a high price on your health if your intake of caffeine is too high. 

I do my best to drag myself out of bed and to the gym to exercise early in the morning. But my limbs just could not work. Over the years, I’ve managed to push myself to exercise to give me energy through sheer willpower. 

But when you do that, meaning you push yourself when your body doesn’t want to be pushed, you use up your store of vital energy. That explains why you will feel totally flat out and exhausted after exercising instead of feeling refreshed. 

That is why I finally understand why holistic medicine never prescribed vigorous exercise to cure any condition. You can see tai chi, qi gong, pilates, yoga- the original versions are slow moving and gentle. 

But there’s more….if you are already practicing ALL the above and feel that it is not the cure that you want, lookout for my next article– whereby I will give a possible reason why- and it has finally worked for me.

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