Severe back pain but why nothing shows up in tests

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Any ideas what is causing this pain?
I am female aged 38. Every couple of weeks I get severe pain in my back, left side and lower abdomen. This has now happened 3 times in 6 weeks and I am concerned. I went to the hospital, who referred me to my GP, who referred me back to the hospital and I feel like I am going in circles. The pain always starts in my lower back and I feel like I need to stretch it all the time. Then it spreads to my left side, above my hip and then down into my pelvis area. This week it was so bad that I felt like I was in labour having one long continuous contraction (I had my third baby 5 months ago). I could not walk and was doubled over on the floor in agony and felt very sick. This is why I went to the hospital and all they did was give me a painkiller injection in my butt and tell me to see my GP. The pain always subsides slowly within 24 hours but I am left feeling crampy and achey for several days afterwards, like I am bruised internally. Anyone any ideas what this may be?

What it may be (mind body connection)

Lower back pain could be related to the feeling of lack of support . If the cause is emotional, often nothing shows up in scans or test (but if the emotional part is not addressed, eventually the effect would affect the physical structure).

Having to care and worry for 3 kids are not an easy task. They would be a lot of running around. Do you have enough help or is the chore too overwhelming?

Or is it that you have to leave them at daycare while you slought away at your day job- and is the job okay and the boss understanding? Or the boss does not listen and are not compassionate. It’s tough enough for stay at home mom to manage 3 kids. And it’s even worse if the mom had to work because generally she would also need to take care of the kids food, wash the clothes, clean the house, come back and cook, bath the kids and then tug them to sleep. If the spouse just come back and plant himself right in front of the TV- it would be super annoying.

The back issue could be the body’s way of saying that you really need help and things cannot go on the way there are. It is simply too much. If you feel overwhelmed, you need to voice out and try to work out the solution.

If an amicable solution is reached, hopefully the back problem may just go off by itself or be drastically reduced.

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