ADHD, social situations and relationship issues

ADHD-Asperger-Autism, Inner Peace

An asker’s predicament:

I have been recently been diagnosed with ADHD and one of things I noticed is that i tend to be shy or introverted around people. Does this come from the brain cycle when its on the down side? I also have major faced a number of people especially my ex girlfriend indicating she could not connect wtih me during our relationships. Did using medication help in this area?

ADHD and social skills

Being shy and introverted could be rooted in self-esteem- it’s a issue that many people- regardless of health diagnosis face. And it can be overcome- when we are less self conscious and constantly focus on our shortcomings. Often, just be ourselves is good enough.

Folks with ADHD can be extremely good at certain areas because of their great focus on doing things that interest them. But they could suffer a bit of problems when it comes to relating to people- probably because it’s hard to stay still and the mind is generally very active.
I have seen ADHD people benefiting from learning relaxation and slowing down their mind- when the mind slows down, you will be surprised how much you can observe people and understand, and thus social skills can improve. Practicing more empathy helps- empathy comes from the heart.

We also need not overly associate ourselves with any particular health labels or diagnosis.

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