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I wish there were as many resources widely available how for people with ADHD.  If you find yourself with ADHD, your way of learning, behaviour and motivation would be different than of others.

Useful Books to Read on ADHD

I wish to share below on 2 medical doctors who have very different opinion when it comes to whether one should be on medication.

  1. Dr Gabor Mate- Scattered (the author himself have ADHD. Even though he is a medical doctor, he only got diagnosed in his 50s. He is on medication and he say that the medication made him more productive and he was able to become a best selling author)

2. Dr Peter Breggin- Talking Back to Ritalin: What Doctors Aren’t Telling You About Stimulants and ADHD:

Dr Peter Breggin does not agree to being on medication for ADHD. Do checkout his video below as he talked about the possible damage of the medication taken from a young age:


Note: For me, I’ve lived with ADHD symptoms all my life. I am not on medication. I meditate to reign in that hyperactiveness. At the same time, I made use of my hyperfocus capacity which has helped perform exceptionally well in my career. My challenge lies in planning and organization which I have a separate blog for creatives like me to keep ourselves organized.

If you are creative, make time for it:

When I was young, I was considered by my teachers to be real stupid and would not amount to anything. For sometime I did believe them. Learning in school was difficult and tough and I had to study and restudy 10x more than my friends, to use my imagination to reign in boring science, and history facts. It wasn’t until I develop interest in crafts – using colours, beads and ribbons that it expanded my mind.

If your child is interested in crafts, allow them to develop from an early age (if not they may get addicted to video games and TV):

It was my love for crafts (making ribbon hairclips) that made me wanted to learn to build my first website and continuously improvising it. Then I was able to transition from level entry job to helping with my company’s corporate website. Eventually I manage an intranet (internal information portal) for my company which I am passionate about. For adults, you may find respite in Adult colouring book:

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”- the hyperfocus ability can help you in your life but if left unchecked and unmanaged, can lead to scatterness, procrastination, stress and anxiety. Here are some articles about planning in my Organize blog for your further reading.

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