Silence In One Ear, Hearing Loss?

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Here is a symptom posed by a young boy:

Okay, so at school, some tard popped a bag near my ear, about 4 feet away, and my ear suddenly closed up. This went away eventually, but then another tard did the same thing maybe… two days ago, and got the same effect. I’ve recently cleared my earwax out, and I think it felt better, but I still feel like there’s a hidden silence.

My hearings been fine, and I’ve had no ringing in my ears, but I still feel like there’s some sort of silence or clog. Like my ear is kind of popped. I’m awkwardly concerned.

P/S: My ear does get an occasional ache, but the occurrence has been decreasing.

ear - Silence In One Ear, Hearing Loss?

My 2 cents:

When I read this, I am concerned that you may be encountering some nasty kids from school. Even though I’ve not been bullied by kids, but I’ve had my share of nasty teachers during my elementary school, so I understand what you are feeling.

You know, if a small kid lived with parents that constantly yell, scream and hurl abuses at one another, they sometimes develop a strange ear problem that affects their hearing. It is as if it gets too painful to hear and so the hearing shuts down. If the kid is happy in school, then the hearing problem goes off during school.

However, if you usually encounter this at school, then,  perhaps some of these other kids may have said or do nasty things (like popping the bag) that may have make you want to retreat. I do hope that there is a counselor or someone whom you can share this problem with that could help you.

Most bullies are cowards or those who face problems at home. That’s why they resort to bullying others who are quiet or physically looked smaller than them . A happy kid would not hurt another kid or play pranks on them. Don’t let other people get you down….because, we are all great the way we are. If you believe in yourself, you can be anything.

It’s likely they see something in you that they don’t have, and thus the bullying. Don’t let them ruin your spirit. Deep down, they are very afraid- so they try to exihibit some tough demeanour.

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