Unable to move the eyeballs- and later diagnosed with tumor

Last Updated on July 25, 2020

Unable to move the eyeballs- and later diagnosed with a brain tumor

Someone shared a case about a friend of his who suffered from the following symptoms:

  • Unable to move his eyeballs- normally we can move to look at our right or left- but this guy could not do it
  • Always suffer from ear pain

At first when he went to see a doctor at a private hospital, he was given some medication that seemed to relieve his condition. When the pain came back, his friend brought him to see a specialist to perform MRI.

The MRI indicated that there was a tumor growth on his head, as the result, it pressed on his ear nerve causing pain and affected his eyeballs. He performed a brain surgery to remove the tumor which caused about RM80,000 (USD23k). The charges was paid from his insurance coverage.

That’s why when you suffer from unexplainable pain, it is recommended that you consider getting a MRI or other forms of scan done.

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