High Uric Acid and the fear of rejection

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High uric acid, which in the past used to affect older people is now beginning to affect the younger generation. A few of my friends in their thirties came back with blood test results with high uric acid.

High uric acid sometimes do not have clear symptoms- when we feel our legs have not much energy or we move around with pain, a blood test result may indicate high uric acid.

Usually those with high uric acid would be advised to avoid beans, seafood and highly processed food.

Left unchecked, the condition may eventually evolve to cause gout, causing painful swelling in the joints.

But is there a mind-body or emotional connection to high uric acid?

For starters, when diagnosed with high uric acid, it would be a good time to cut down on:

  • highly processed food
  • fried food
  • meat, especially duck
  • beans
  • seafood

Take more fruits and vegetables (but less beans), drink lots of water and exercise more.

Water is good to flush out the toxins in our body and exercise helps to improve our circulation and our organ functions so that our body is able to excrete the uric acid instead of having it stored in our joints, causing discomfort.

However, if we may, perhaps there is a correlation between high uric acid and our emotional state- particularly relating to our feeling of uncertainties, fear, worry or anxiety.  The effect of high uric acid is that it first start to cause stiffness, the gradually more pain in our joints. This limits the freedom of our movements and we get around with more discomfort.

When the high uric acid is diagnosed, there would be food that we have to give up and often it may be our favourite food. For the sake of our health, most would just abstain (maybe the occassional indulgence) but they would just abstain.

Maybe you may find it to be totally absurb that we are relating emotions like fear to high uric acid. If it does not relate to you or someone you know who has it, by all means please ignore this.

However from my observation, many people try to seek solace in food. Humans today eat not for survival but to fill an inner void or feelings of emptiness.  We eat to forget our troubles and drink to drown our sorrows. Emotional eating is obvious especially when one person just can’t seems to give up on the food even though it is making him or her sick.

On the other hand, some people who watch what they eat and live a healthy lifestyle may be at their wits end as to why they can develop high uric acid.

In cases like this, all I am asking is to look within- could it be the symptoms in our body trying to tell us something?

Perhaps life is not going the way we want- sometimes in life, we try to be a rebel….we fight for something we want or we go all out to prove out point, that we are right. And we get it- the other party relents and let us have our way. For a shortwhile, we feel elated. But after a while, we started to wonder….is that really what we want? Maybe certain events had happen to trigger us that we may just be making the wrong choice.

Or we are unsure of what we really want. Maybe reaching of certain age and watching the success of others and feeling we are going nowhere – fear of being alone, of making wrong choices- and yet we feel afraid to retrace our steps backwards. Sometimes maybe a little angry and resentful of ourselves.

The best way to overcome fear is to face it

We all have fears. And the best way to overcome fear is to face it. It does not mean that we should try bungee jumping if we are dead afraid of heights.

For example, the fear of being rejected. Many people fear rejection- so much that they would rather not take the risk. And yet they hate themselves for not having the guts, and they watch others living the life they’ve dreamed off.  Afraid of asking for a raise.

Afraid of leaving a secured easy low paying job that sucks for fear of ‘not being able to make it doing what one loves’.

Afraid of making that first move.

Afraid to love after getting hurt.

People who do well in the sales profession, for example finance consultants and sales people who have been in the sales line for years would have conquered their fear of rejection…at least when it comes to customer’s rejection. They have learned not to take rejection personally, and they learn to move on. When I read about the success stories of shy and timid people turned successful agency managers- they sometimes share the kind of rejection they face- being shouted and insulted, having their name card torn up in front of their faces. If they do not work on their fear (usually by lowering their egos), then they would never become who they are today.

In terms of love- it is much more subjective. When we work we can see results but when we invest time, money and effort into a relationship, we may not get the results we want. A previous bad experience does not means that it would be the same in the future. Some things are not meant and well, can’t be forced anyway. Allow time to heal all wounds and do not bring past fears and negativity in future relationships.

When we see something we want and we do not act on that out of fear, it may just eat us up inside. For someone who finally found the courage to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, tackling each fear in small ways each day until it is being overcome, who knows….the uric acid may just disappear on its own.


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