Household remedies to relieve arthritis- Part 1

Arthritis, Pain or Injuries

Here are 2 methods created by a lady I’ve met recently. This auntie has been suffering from arthritis for many years and found conventional medication to be not of much help. According to her, a normal doctor could only prescribe painkillers or advise her to take supplements- she has reservations on taking of too much painkillers.

It is very true, if you battle pain by taking painkillers, eventually you will require larger and larger dosage. Taking too much painkillers also will tax your liver and kidneys.

Here’s the first tip. Try it and let me know if it works for you:

ginger1. Ginger wrap.

This is because arthritis, in Chinese medication arise due to access of ‘wind’ element blocked at certain parts of your body.


a. Take some ginger (preferable old ginger as they are more effective) and wash it clean.

b. Slice the ginger, together with the skin. If possible (but not necessary), stir fry the ginger for a while on the wok- no need to put anything with it.

c. Put the ginger in the wrap- if you have stir fried it, watch out- it’ll be hot. Use it to rub around the knees or any part that is in pain.

It may be helpful to do rubs at areas highlighted in my earlier article on using hot water bottles.

According to the lady, who came up with the method herself, found that it had helped her to relieve her pain. Only thing is that you have to be dilligent to do the rubbing. It takes up time and energy but if it works, why not?

Please look out for the next article on yet another method which I will be publishing soon……

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  • I suffer terribly with arthritis in my hands but as soon as I stopped eating red meat it made a huge difference. I still eat fish and I can’t resist bacon (who can!) but I’m sure it is because I’m no longer eating the fats in the meat that has helped me.

  • Yin Teing Link Reply

    Cortaflex, thanks for sharing. Yes, we sometimes cannot resist eating things that we love even though it brings us pain, literally.

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