Household remedies to relieve arthritis- Part 2

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Following from an earlier article, the next method is really simple…. so simple that we may not have thought of it ourselves…

The lady I’ve mentioned in my earlier post told me that she has a special tool in her home at all time to provide instant relief to her arthritis hands and legs. It is a tool that most ladies.. and men too have… it’s a….HAIRDRYER.

It’s very simple actually, all you do is take the hairdryer and blow the hot air towards the painful part. Blow until little droplets of sweat like liquid appears on the area- according to her, it is ‘trapped dampness’ that is coming up. Traditional medicine also believe that aside from wind, trapped ‘dampness’ also causes pain and discomfort. This is especially if the painful joint is also swollen- it is an indication of improper circulation and trapped liquid.

Advantages and effectiveness:

  • Hot air warms up the area and improve circulation. It also help to remove ‘dampness’ that tend to dissipate with warmth.
  • Use it for about 5 minutes or more to see the effect

What’s more, you can easily take your hairdryer with you anyway you go- put it in your luggage when you are travelling, etc. The lady told me that she considered her hairdryer her doctor.


1. Handle the dryer with care- move the hairdryer a bit else, it will be painful to have hot hair on the same spot all the time.

2. The method above had worked for one person, and I’ve tried to use it to relieve my sometimes numb hands and feet- they seemed to provide a lot of relief. But only you yourself will know if it works. If you find that after using it gets more painful, then stop.

3. No bathing or drinking cold water/liquid. Drink warm water instead.

Make it a point to do some light exercises that is non weight bearing- the improved circulation will help relieve the pain.

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