Relief fever and sinus with dehydration salt instead of isotonic drinks

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Once when I was down with slight fever and went to see a doctor, she asked me if I am taking medication. I told her no, but I am planning to take 100 plus (Isotonic drink). She advised me against taking isotonic soft drinks due to the high sugar content.

Anyway, I still bought 100 plus because there was no pharmacy near my workplace. After drinking it, my sinus got worse.

Years ago, isotonic drinks like Revive and 100 plus got quite popular as a type of home remedy to bring down fever. But admitedly, these soft drinks are really high on sugar content. If you are having an infection with already weakened immune, all sorts of bacteria would thrive in your gut, teeth feeding on the sugar.

So, what’s the next best alternative to isotonic carbonated drink? Try over the counter hydration salt instead:


It does not taste great but it is sure much cheaper (less than RM1 per packet), very minimal sugar and more effective than isotonic drinks. Usually the doctor would prescribe when you are having purging or diarrhea.

In the past, I used to actually buy a few bottles of 100 plus each time I visit Thailand to take when my body got too dehydrated from the travelling (100 plus is not sold there). But now, the small packets of dehydration salt would be handy and take up much less space and weight in my luggage.

When having fever and sinus, it’s important to stay hydrated and take lots of rest and water. A couple of oranges also work wonders. Keep away from fried, oily or hard to digest food. Porridge, a hot bowl of chicken soup, a cup of Ensure (complete milk powder formula) can help to boost recovery by providing nutrients that are easy for the body to digest.

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