Battling Bad Breath

Last Updated on July 28, 2018

We all suffer from bad breath- first thing in the morning when we wake up from bed. It’s normal because the gases released from the bacteria that is working along your digestive track from your mouth all the way to your large intestine.

However, if the bad breath persist all through the day, rather than spending tonnes of money on mouth wash, you may want to check your lifestyle and food eating habits. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you drink enough of water?

Water and fibre are very important for your digestive wellness. In fact, you need to drink enough water to stay in optimum health- in school, we were taught to take at least 2.2 litres of water (about 8 cups). But I will advise you to take much more, especially if you live in a hot tropical climate like Malaysia and exercise. A lot of my friends can’t even finish a 500ml bottle of water in the 9 or 10 hours that they work.

Do you take enough of fibre (fruits and vegetables)?

Fibre is very important to clean up your intestine track. It’s like a house, if you do not sweep the floor, it will feel yucky to step on it (your feet will be all black with dirt). This causes even more bacteria to breed and hence, more bad breath.
Are you taking too much of processed sugar?

Processed sugar are not the same as natural occurring sugar in fruits. Processed sugar found in pastries and candies typically speed up the fermentation process in your digestive track that leads to bad breath. It’s okay to take more vegetables and fruits that are rich in fibre as they clean up your tracks. Processed sugar, on the other hand, does not contain fibre.
To have an idea, you can marinate some raw meat with sugar, then wait overnight and see how things to.
The meat stinks, right? Ah… that leads me to..

Are you taking too much of red meat?

Meat are hard stuff for your stomach to digest. In fact, most proteins are hard work for your stomach. Taking too much red meat and lack of fibre intake have been linked with all types of diseases such as stomach cancers and other cancers, cholesterol and CAD. If you love meat, you still can take but try to gradually decrease the intake. Have your meat served with vegetables and make sure you finish your vegetables. Try to consider other sources like nuts, taufu, fish and chicken to be used to gradually reduce your meat intake. With all the other health risk linked to excessive red meat intake, it’s just not worth the risk.

Are you active physically?

If you do not spend much time moving around, your body circulation will be poor. That means food may remain longer in your stomach (and thus releasing gas and smell). When you become physically active through exercise and doing housework, your entire blood circulation improves. Nutrients are transported more efficiently from your digestive track to your body for use. Waste and toxins are disposed more effectively by your body, either through sweat, urine or faeces.

Do you have the habit of taking supper or heavy dinner?

Anything that taxes your digestive system will end up producing lots of byproduct and gas. When you sleep on a full stomach, you are no longer actively moving. And because you no longer drink water when you sleep, the food sort of get stuck in the same area. Overnight, some food would have, to put in bluntly, rotted and as the result, comes the bad breath.

Usage of Mouth Wash and Eating Mint Sweets to Curb Bad Breath- Not recommended

I do not recommend the usage of mouth wash as there are numerous published articles that talks about the association of oral cancer with the usage of mouth wash. Furthermore, logic will dictate that if you kill the bad stinking bacteria using the mouthwash, the good ones that protect your mouth will have to go too.
Bad breath do not only originate from your mouth, it comes from your digestive track as well. Therefore, if you take care of your digestive health, you will take care of the bad breath.

Eating mint sweets is also not advisable because in the long run:

  • the sugar type causes weight gain and possibly sugar addiction (always crave for sweet stuff)
  • the sugar free type- again, there are lots of controversies, with some studies suggesting the link between sugar free substances and M.S (multiple sclerosis) and other nerve degenerative diseases.

Therefore, my recommendation, natural cure is safe, cost effective and works- both for overcome bad breath and improve your health 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Battling Bad Breath”

  1. Never ever go to a cheap place cause they’ll mess your mouth. The dentist that I went to was crappie 🙁 I think it’s so unfair that they have students practicing on dentures for people who need them!!! They need to make them as real as possible!! They destroy lives not help people live a normal life as possible!!!! It sucks but hey I gotta try to make the best outta a crappie situation :-/ ni modo!!!!!

    1. I do agree with you. When I was younger, I used to go to a government clinic to have my teeth checked because it is almost free. But when it was manned by dentist trainees holding the drills and such, I decided to pay for private. Also I try to take care of my teeth better so that these trips can be as minimal as possible.
      However, the students also need a place to practice- and some of them do come out to become outstanding dentists and dental nurses. Just that at that point when they are practicing on us due to their inexperience, it is sort of scarry there.

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