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Relieve Knee Numbness/ Pain with Hot Water Bottle

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the cause of the pain is almost always from elsewhere. This post is written from the recommendation of my healer friend which I had tried and I had found some relief. It may not work for everyone.

If your legs goes numb easily and you suffer from knee pain when the weather gets cold, or you feel your legs being very cold, you may want to try to roll the hot water bottle in the parts labeled in the picture below (sorry, I took whatever royalty free picture that I could find from the net):

roll hot water bottle on the upper legs to relieve knee discomfort

roll hot water bottle on the upper legs to relieve knee discomfort

Especially on the upper part- on the line where your thighs meet your torso. As mentioned, after many nights of cleaning and bathing late, my legs felt ‘cold’ when it rained one night was I finished mopping the floor and bathing. I tried the method and my legs immediately felt better.
This could provide some relief especially for folks who live in the cold weather and during winter- where even wearing long johns and thick clothings offered not much of relief.
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