How to have motivation and energy to get through the day and finish what you started

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

Do you beat yourself up whenever you seemed to have no energy to go through the day and do not feel motivated to do anything? In the morning, you find it hard to tear yourself from your pillow and you feel tired after lunch and exhausted as you rush through the traffic jam to get back from work. In your personal life, you may not feel motivated to do anything- so in weekends, you’ll probably just sleep the whole day or surf the net when you have no other plans.

You don’t feel like starting anything, or you can’t seemed to muster enough motivation to finish what you have started. Sometimes you may feel depressed and when you are down, you either eat comfort but fattening food, go shopping or just drink the sorrows away.

Sometimes you did your best to get your act together, try some self help- which may explain the theory behind your fatigue, your weight gain, your depression, etc, etc. Your apartment’s a mess and you really need to clean up or the funny smell would no go off.  You tried the methods suggested- and after a short time, just give up. You are beginning to think that perhaps well, you are a failure… and that cause you go spiral downwards.

Sounds familiar?

Today, yes, I would have to introduce to you yet another method- but it is not a recent idea created by yet another new age author.  It is a method that exists for few thousands years with proven effectiveness. If it does not work, it would not be passed down and studied by traditional healers.

It is chi….. as taught in ancient Chinese healing system.

In ancient healers observed that the system in the body is similar to the cosmic. Negative emotions can cause energy imbalance or stuck chi in certain organs and vice versa- energy imbalance can cause the arising of negative emotions.  Once these negative energies accumulate in the organs, they start to affect one another. Each corresponding emotions and attributes- whether positive or negative relates to a corresponding organ in our body.

Herbs, chi kung, tai chi, acupressure, acupuncture are tools used to correct the chi imbalance- to remove stuck chi and enable flow.

For instance, a person who is cruel, hateful, impatience and arrogant may have energy imbalance in the heart. A person who is tired. Weak lungs would increase sadness, grief and depression. A constantly angry person have energy imbalance in the liver. A worry wart have weak stomach and spleen energy.

With the knowledge, healing can take place by balancing the chi energy and detoxifying negative energy. Then replace the negative energy with positive attributes of the organs.

Once your energy are balanced, automatically there would be a feeling of wellbeing. If you feel low in energy or demotivated, you cannot continue pushing yourself because it would increase the energy imbalance and creates more stress. Sometimes, it is not about willpower- if you keep pushing yourself and hating yourself for not living up to your own expectations, your health will suffer. Even people around you would suffer because these energies would need to find an outlet- and the most unhealthy outlet is loading on to someone innocent but who cares about you.

I want you to watch the following videos taught by Mantak Chia and try the exercises in the video- I have his book, “Healing Light of Tao” and I find his methods simple and yet very effective. After only practicing the exercises one night, the next day I woke up with lots of energy- normally I have to push myself to get up and get ready to work but after detoxifying negative energies and replacing with positive ones, my energy levels and overall feeling of well being improve.

1. Five Minute Cure (click HERE for the link if the embedded video does not show)

It really works- because most of the time we are so obsessed in adding positive that we forget that we need to get the negative energy out before the good can come in. Most of the negative energies are stored in the solar plexus- and we need to clear these energies before good and healing energy can come in.

When people are unwell, the solar plexus is ‘dirty’ and when people are emotional, the energy is dark (that explains the knots in the stomach and constant wind problem that people experience).

2. Healing Sounds of the Organs (click HERE for the link of the video cannot play)

After you detox the negative energies, then do the healing sounds of the organs. It may look a little ‘silly’ but it really works. The video just teaches the sounds but as per the book when you are doing for each organs, add the following to bring in positive energy to the organs:

  • Lung sound: sss-s-s-s-s-s-s. During each resting session as you slowly inhale, smile to your lungs and imagine your lungs surrounded by white light- concentrate on the virtue of courage which is related to the lungs energy- it will help enhance the positive energy of your lungs
  • Kidney sound: choo-oo-oo. During each resting session as you slowly inhale, smile to your kidney and picture them surrounded by BLUE colour. Feel the virtue of gentleness that would enhance the positive energies of your kidneys
  • Liver sound: sh-h-h-h-h-h. As you slowly inhale during resting period, smile to your liver and picture them surrounded by GREEN colour and feel the virtue of kindness that would enhance the positive energy of your liver.
  • Heart sound: haw-w-w-w-w. During each resting session smile to your heart, picture it surrounded by RED light. Feel love, joy and happiness- it will enhance the positive energy of your heart
  • Spleen and pancreas sound- who-o-o-o-o-o-o. Smile to the spleen and pancreas and picture them surrounded by yellow colour. Feel the virtue of fairness
  • Triple warmer sound: e-e-e-e-e. If possible, practice this lying down. Imagine a huge rolling pin flattening out your body from forehead down to the toes. This will balance all the energies activated by the other sounds and help relax the body thoroughly.

For more videos with explanation (but the videos seemed to break halfway and is incomplete):

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