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Today, I received a comment left by a reader by the name of Paul. He shares his experience in using the gallbladder flush method that was introduced by Dr Lai Chui Nan. Instead of publishing as a comment, in which may go unnoticed, I’ve decided to post his experience under a single post.

To view the pictures of the stones, go to http://s660.photobucket.com/albums/uu324/paulmer/?newest=1

Paul, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with the readers:

Hi all just found this site whilst searching for Dr. Chiu Nan “recipe” to show my GP along with some purged Gallstone images.

After my initial diagnosis from an abdominal ultrasound in November 2009 after 2 months of medication for a suspected stomach ulcer had no effect, I researched natural remedies as the medical fraternity wanted to remove my Gallbladder. This seems to be the first option rather than the last option. I wasn’t comfortable with “ticking a box” to have surgery.

I’ve done this cleanse 5 times so far with 3 of the purges being successful, with multiple stones. They were being the 2nd, 3rd and 5th time. All flush attempts produced some stones, so I guess should all be called successful.


After the 4th purge I was still having periods of discomfort, and was suspicious that I may have dislodged a stone that either “sat” over the bile duct leading out of the Gallbladder or became stuck in the duct. This discomfort became evident hours after an evening meal, waking me up at 0100-0300. The discomfort kept me awake often till 0500 or even till as late as 0800.

Even foods with only a small amount of fat content caused irritation!

I decided on a 5th purge (hopefully my last for several months). This purge produced several large stones around 10mm in size. Not a prolific as two previous purges, but successful none the less.
After this purge I was still having discomfort as noted above. A week and a half after this purge I decided to make an appointment with my GP and explain everything from the last few months and ask for a referral to a surgeon to discuss my options. No, not surgery as the first option, but perhaps drug therapy first. Anyway after making an appointment with my GP, my symptoms have subsided.

Yesterday and last night I have some fairly fatty food including pizza, garlic bread and a couple of cup cakes. I had a good night sleep and feel fine today. Did I have inflammation that needed time to subside after the last purge? I don’t know. But I will still keep my GP appointment and maybe get a cholesterol test as that has been above normal for a few years. I’m thinking that the Gallstones may have raised my cholesterol levels as my diet has been fairly low fat for several years.

Hopefully I will get some good news and avoid surgery. But if necessary will opt for surgery as quality of life is important. Here’s hoping.
If you’re interested I have posted a couple of images of two of my purge collections in the Photobucket link.



On Monday, 29 March 2010, Paul send another update:

Just a quick update on my Gallstone situation.
Since my 5th flush I have been pain free for approx. two weeks, having had a variety of different foods, some of which would have caused discomfort prior to two weeks ago.

I went to see my GP last Tuesday who was intrigued with my use of  Dr. Lai Chui Nan’s Gallbladder Flush, which he wasn’t aware of. He initially asked, “did I vomit up the Gallstones?” Um, NO not exactly! I showed him the two images also available on this post. He was amazed at the results, and asked if I had kept any stones as he would like to have them tested. It just so happens I have two specimen jars in the back of the freezer! I will take a couple of samples for testing when I see him next Tuesday.

He suggested waiting two weeks, and if the discomfort returns he will refer me to a general surgeon to discuss my options. So far so good!
He also had some blood tests performed including Cholesterol. I’ll be interested in those results as my cholesterol was in the upper recommended level a few years ago. Hopefully with most of the stones gone, my Cholesterol levels will have reduced?



Removing gallstones naturally by Dr Lai Chui Nan using natural ingredients

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  • Diane Link Reply

    Is it OK to do this gallstone flushing method even with swollen pancreas?

    • Yin Teing Link Reply

      Hi Diana, I would not know if it is safe- it’s best to check with your doctor as there’s a medical condition.
      Hi Sassy, either one would do just fine.

  • mary Link Reply

    Gall bladder symptoms are often quite painful, and so it is therefore important to know what can be done to relieve the pain, even temporarily until you find a more long term solution. The first thing you should do is change your diet. You want to refrain from eating greasy fatty foods and instead include more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

    • Gallbladder Surgery!!?I recently had the most HORRIBLE gddabllaler attack the other night, which ended me up in the ER in complete agony from the pain. I’ve actually suspected I had gddabllaler problems for years, but it didn’t occur to me when I began having attacks routinely every week under similar circumstances that that is what it could be. In any case, they did an ultrasound and determined I have a TON of gallstones, so, I was advised surgery was the best, or basically only option for treatment.I keep trying to downplay it since everyone has told me it is easy and relatively uncomplicated, and it will relieve all of my symptoms. I have even had relatives which have had it done, and their success following treatment was great; I also feel comfortable after speaking with my surgeon. But still I needed to do my own research and now I’m FREAKED the f*** out!! Forums of people saying they still had pain, or the pain got worse as well as other disturbing symptoms such as not being able to eat anything, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. I do not know what to do now! I don’t think I could live through that awful pain again, it was BY FAR worse than my labor, but I’m just soo afraid of surgeries. Never really had any before, and I am a natural-born pessimist so of course, (and especially after reading the forums), I am assuming the worst.If anyone has specific experience with having a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy prcoedure, please reply and tell me how you felt (and feel to this day) following the surgery. Describe as much as possible including your age (I am 23, so others around that age category are especially welcome to respond), your general health prior to, the severity of your pain or attacks, as well as if you had stones. If you could please also include information such as symptoms or side effects you experienced following surgery (either positive or negative), and how the procedure itself and your recovery went, would all be appreciated as well.Thanks so much and although a public forum, I’m not inviting people to be a**holes and reply to my post with sarcastic or completely inappropriate or unhelpful comments. Because that seems to happen more often than not, it’s very sad that a few always have to prove their stupidity publicly through their immaturity I’m in no mood for it considering the seriousness of my issue. Again, THANKS (in advance).((: ((: ((:

  • Aussie RJ Link Reply

    Hi. My wife has small gallstones and ‘sludge’ (the doctor described as tiny stones floating around). She also has an inflamed Gall Bladder.

    I found the recipe and tried it (as a control and so I am not doing bastardisation) with my wife last night. She vomited within a couple of hours, and felt terrible. I vomitted in the morning and felt terrible until vomitting. After having the Epsom Salt, my wife felt really relaxed she said (the recipe I found said 3 teaspoons of Epsom to a glass of water). After we took the Oil with lemon (which was really acidic and hard to get down) then we both had the occasional hot and cold flash… and feeling nausiated and normal… pain a little then it subsiding, repeating back and forth. My wife is still feeling dizzy (which she was pre-recipe), etc.

    This morning, I vomitted brown-red vomit, until it went yellow and sour (stomach acid or bile???) – Where as my wife did last night the browny-red and then yellow. We both felt better after vomitting then before.

    She hasn’t passed any gallstones yet… but I read on here that it might take up to 24 hours…


  • Mitch Link Reply

    @Aussie RJ, any updates 24 hours afterwards? I’m having Gallbalter like sympotoms and had a scan no stones, but figure it’s small sandy stones. If anything I might just eat the apples daily and leave out the oil part, but wanted more information on this. Thanks

  • Jan thrower Link Reply

    I had a couple of bad attacks last year. Doc couldn’t find anything wrong on examination, but didn’t do any scans! Since then have often had a stitch type pain in my right side abdomine and not thought anything was wrong. Then two more night time attacks. The third one was bad and I was taken to hospital. They x rayed chest and CT scanned. This showed lots of gallstones and a small kidney stone. They sent me home after pain medicine relief. Then on the second night following I was in such awful pain my husband drove me to hospital and I was eventually taken onto the wards. It was an awful experience for several reasons, but I was diagnosed with infected gall bladder and given anti biotics. They said the gall bladder has to come out and put me on a virtually non fat diet. I have to wait 6 weeks for the inflammation to resolve before they can operate. I have seen a surgeon privately who has booked this op for me and I am more than happy to go ahead with this op. he said the only complications would be possible post op bleeding and bile duct damage. But these are rare and I would have died without antibiotics, so I am happy to take that small risk. I have read about the liver cleans method but worry that as the gallbladder duct is not very large the stones would just get stuck there. Also one has to consider infection. An infected gallbladder is more than agony and is very serious to ones health. Therefore I have decided on removal of my gallbladder. The op is only 20 minutes long with 4 small incisions the largest of which is under the umbilicus. It is a day surgery and only over night if I have not made a good recovery from the anaesthetic. Hope this helps. Sometimes one has to be brave and positive. Regards jan

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