How to really cure chronic fatigue and constant tiredness at its roots

Last Updated on July 29, 2021

From the previous article, I’ve discussed about methods that usually folks with chronic fatigue, constant lethargy and tiredness resort to: change in diet and exercise that may not have worked and wanted another answer, not another product, cardio machine or supplement.

Until today, no scientific or medical research have managed to identify the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. If you cannot find the answers in drugs, exercise, food, why not explore mind-body connection.

Mind body connection means that the state of mind can produce physical ailments in the body. Many people who changed their mindset and attitudes towards a more accepting, compassionate and forgiving nature sees a lot of their ailments disappear and their hormones, blood pressure become more balance and their bodies less painful.

First, examine your chronic fatigue syndrome and relate it to the life you are leading currently. Because the cause could arise from mental and emotion levels that manifest into an ailment:

Lack of self love, confidence and acceptance.

To have self love does not mean you are being selfish. It means that you love yourself for just the way you are, warts and all. You love part of yourself that are fat, scarred, unsightly, too small, too big, too dark, too painful. This is not the same as self-righteous claims that are made so that others agree with us. You know, similar to people who claimed that money is the root of all evil but at the same time will keep the money for themselves if it suddenly dropped from the sky- or otherwise known as hypocrites.

Why I want to stress this point is because a lot of people say they love and accept their body but it may not be true at a subconscious level. If they hate their body for putting on weight, giving them pain or get diseased, then there’s no real self acceptance.

To start with self love, do short relaxation practices every morning when you get up- sit with your eyes closed and have your awareness travel around your body. Go to every part and tell it that you love it regardless what…wish the parts well.

If you do it with all sincerity and honesty from your heart (and not your logical thinking brain), you will be surprised- that you feel there is a surge of energy, akin to your body coming back to life.

Why I said that is because just one morning, instead of hitting the gym, I decided to do a short meditation. I am not a serious meditator but it’s a practice I’ve picked up years ago which I find to be very beneficial. Sitting cross legged with my eyes closed, I just let my attention travel around my body, telling each part that I love it. That time I was having some weight gain (so I was not that happy about the bulge in my tummy), pain on my right kidney (for years) that wakes me up (but nothing showed in the tests) and numbness on one of my foot (for a few weeks) on top of the chronic fatigue resulting from constant nightmares right before I wake up.

But suddenly, a feeling of genuine acceptance arose in me…that this body is my one and true companion that will follow me my entire life. People, animals, material things can come and go but the body remain stuck to us so long as we are alive. So, I just embraced and accept it- pain, weight gain, numbness and all.

And to my surprise, I could always felt that my tired insides (organs) coming to life and there is a general feeling of well-being inside.

And there is no more fatigue- no more dragging around the day. It was almost like a miracle because I have been searching externally for so many years, and yet, I did not know the answer lies within me.

The next day, I did the same thing again.

And now, I just sometimes do it even during day time.

You know what?  I ….

What’s more, the kidney pain seemed to have disappeared a great deal, and so is my leg numbness. I have less dependence on caffeine and is able to cut down my intake by 50% (I still drink coffee because I enjoy it).

What I write can sounds a bit far fetched- if you ask me years ago to dig deep into my inner self to search for answers, I would have not believed you. But these days, I do my best to be true to myself and through that, I’ve become more in touch with my real self and body. It is true- the mind and body are so closely interlinked.

Sadly, most of us have been conditioned to stop listening to our true inner self years ago. When we would not listen, diseases, pain, unexplainable health conditions manifest.

It does not cost us anything to be a little kinder to ourselves. Think of it this way- there’s this person in your life who constantly worked for you, day and night, 24 hours a day without rest. Yet, you never appreciated her- you took her for granted, assuming that she will always be there for you. Not only that, you hardly show any appreciation and constantly view her with blatant disgust.

See if these dialogues are similar to what you have mentally with your body:

  • why are you so fat and ugly?
  • Why you do always give me problems just as something important is coming up? I hate you (like the dialogue you give to your body for constantly having running nose, skin conditions, diarrhea during travelling, right before an important presentation, etc)
  • Why are you such a pain? Why can’t you be like that so and so who is healthy and pain free?
  • Why am I stuck with you? I prefer someone else!

Rings a bell?

We can be very hard on ourselves often without knowing. Without proper love and care, and the fact that we tend to shove garbage into our bodies (chemicals from make up and hair dyes, fast food, creamy stuff, sugar, etc), and yet expect it to perform, it’s only a matter of time when it breaks down. When it feels too tired to continue…and hence, chronic fatigue comes in.

Please give my suggestion a try (just by loving yourself a little more). There is no harm and it does not cost you a cent.

And you know what, most often, this will have a spillover effects to other areas of your life. You will know how to be kinder to yourself, more assertive, to work for what you really want, change your horrible job,  lose weight, get better, etc. All you need to do is to give yourself a chance.

I wish you well and may you regain energy and a true zest to live your life.

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