Chiropractic adjustments for vertigo or dizziness

chiropractor neck 300x147 - Chiropractic adjustments for vertigo or dizziness

Once I suffered unexplained lightheaded and dizziness almost the entire day. I decided to visit my chiropractor who uses a combination of chiropractor manipulation and point therapy to health symptoms. When I told him my head ‘did not feel right’ and I was having dizziness last week, he told me that dizziness or lightheaded should not be taken lightly. The treatment brought a lot of relief and I felt better without requiring the use of oral medication.

Treatment for unexplained dizziness or vertigo in women

woman dizzy 300x169 - Treatment for unexplained dizziness or vertigo in women

Few months ago, my friend has to rush back from work to send her mother to the emergency room. Her mom had very bad case of dizziness and literally collapsed on the floor, with difficulty to get up.

They spent a few hours in the hospital undergoing tests and scans. The doctors could not find any serious medical condition in her mother. She was given medication that was similar to treat travel sickness and was sent home. Eventually she turned to traditional treatment and have not had vertigo since.

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