Battling motion sickness by changing your eating habits

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Is constant motion or travelling sickness disrupt your dream of being a traveller? You may not look forward to travelling, especially visiting highlands and the curvy roads because you may be throwing up your guts during the trip. Some would suffer while travelling on the plane or even on long road journeys.

I will always remember in one of my team building trips years ago, we charter a bus to a famous beach, Cherating located on the East Coast. Before we went, lunch was provided- there were lots of fried food like fried bread with tuna, fried sausages, and fried chicken- all which I helped myself happily (I used to love fried food and in the good old days, there’s always problem with the self-control).

How I suffered during the 6 hours bus trip there- my entire face turned pale, and all I wanted to do was to throw up the food. When they stopped at a rest area, I tried to throw up but only a small fraction of the food came out- because by the time the food already left my stomach and is in my intestines. Needless to say, I suffer and have always have strong reservations when it comes to travelling.  For a few years, travelling never interest me- just thinking of the potential motion sickness would put me off.

Food like that spells disaster for those with weak stomach prior to travelling

Food like this spells disaster for those with weak stomach prior to travelling

The same thing also happened years ago when I was studying for my degree at another state before I began working. The bus journeys used to cause me severe stomach spasms and pain.  Somehow, my system will suck in the cold air-con from the bus like a vacuum and these wind seemed to be playing and moving around my intestines- causing intense and sharp pain.

Eventually, I broke through these limitations- by taking care of my digestive health and improve my circulation. This change had enabled me to travel for a year throughout different places in Thailand, sometimes via the most uncomfortable and creaky buses through hills and highlands.

When travelling, I take special precautions to minimize motion sickness and wind/stomach spasms:

  • avoid cold drinks– especially tea, coffee or those with milk. This is especially so if you are eating prior to a trip- not only taking ice drinks makes you want to visit the loo more often, it will upset your digestive system.
  • avoid heavy meals- if your motion sickness is severe, avoid things like fast food, thick paste soups like Campbell soup, cheesy stuff, oily and deep fried food.
  • take more vegetables and fruits- like salad (go easy on the mayonnaise or thousand island dressing because it is oily) and fruits like green apples and grapefruit.
  • drink more water the day before to stay hydrated- your system works better when hydrated
  • get enough of sleep the night before
  • be an active person- somehow, if you are a physically active person, your system would work in good order. I find that after I started exercising regularly, my overall well-being and digestive system worked together much better.
  • normally prior to taking the plane or bus, I would take a light meal- like noddle soup and take a packet of fruits like guava or green apples.

Noodle soup- filling and yet easy on the stomach

Most importantly, don’t let your digestive system work too hard- a sluggish digestive system would contribute to motion and travelling sickness. If you learn to take care of your system by watching what you eat, you will no longer be held back- like visiting places that you love.

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