Natural Cures for Stomach Ailments/ Pain/ Spasms.

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I am inspired to write this article because I realised that there are many people out there who suffer from stomach pains and genuinely wanted a way out.

I used to suffer from terrible bouts of stomach spasms and pain- deep in a part of my body. The pain so so bad that I have to let go of whatever I am doing and just lie down. I remembered when I was a student and used to travel outstation on the overnight bus, I will sometimes get extreme stomach pain attacks- and by the time the bus reaches the destination, I was literally in tears of pain because I could not even stand up straight and even walk. That was when I learned to fear travelling, especially on overnight buses- because I will never know when the next attack is coming.

Yes, I also have similar problems. Any idea what causes this?
When I get terrible pains in exam halls, public transportation, travelling, shopping, outing with friends, working- or whenever I am not at home, I seriously started to search for alternatives. I found the solution in more holistic and natural remedies.
My discovery: It’s not going to sound nice: but basically, it is due to bacteria eating away the rotted food that is stuck on the walls of your intensities and stomach. These bacteria metabolises the food, releases toxin gases and chemicals that cause you extreme pain, vomiting and diarrhoea. And when they multiply themselves in lightning speed, it will correspond to your rapidly escalating pain.

Can it get any worse?
Unfortunately, yes. If left untreated, or if you keep suppressing the symptoms with over the counter medication, the bacteria could eat into your stomach/intensities wall- causing terrible terrible pain. Also known as ulcer. Long term (like 5 to 10 years or maybe more) of bad eating habits and years of toxin accumulation may cause stomach or intestine cancer (people with frequent history of stomach ulcers and gastric, who take lots of well cooked and flavoured meat but dislike fruits and vege are at higher risk).

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Can my problems be cured?

I certainly hope so. It’s should be quite simple actually- ‘clean’ your digestive track. Take lots of fibre and water that keep your digestive track free of clots. Well, even though clots form here and now, they don’t stay long because if you take lots of fibre with water, it cleans up the track well (like with a good brush and water to clean up a clogged pipe).

I am suffering from pain now. What can I do to cure myself?

1. If you still have the pain, avoid anything with milk or its derivatives such as cheese. You may be also lactose intolerant.
2. Get your digestion working well by taking more fruits that has high fiber content- red apples are excellent. Drink lots of water to help the fibre move easily along your digestive track- bringing anything that had rotted with it.
3. Till you fully recover, stay away from fried foods, chilies and meat that are BBQ-ed or fried. If you want to have meat, then stick to the steamed ones.
4. Anything else that you imagine will move around and get stuck in your digestive track such as creamy soup, starchy stuff or peanut butter must be avoided- at least till you get better. Also, and avoid peanuts and reduce your beans intake because it causes bloating.
5. Take some oats- this wonder food is good at ‘trapping’ any foodstuff that are stuck in your digestive walls. With water, the oats will really help clean up your stomach. You can take the instant but unsweetened ones.
6. Cut down on table sugar (and that includes packaged fruit juices that has little or no fibre) because these processed sugar easily causes bloating. Sugar from fruits are okay but stick to fruits with high fibre content.
6. No iced/cold water/drinks with meals especially if your stomach is not well- it affects digestion because your stomach needs room temperature to digest your food.
7. Eat regularly and do not skip meals. If you have no appetite, take something light at least like oats or whole grain bread.

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What also will help:
Excessive stress also affects the digestion system and make it haywire. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, drop everything, go to a quiet place and close your eyes. Then breathe deeply and just be with your breath. Don’t think and drown in the problem that is troubling you. After 10 minutes, you will normally feel much better.
Try also a little exercise- aerobic activity like jogging and do some stretching- increased circulation helps everything to move around faster and get your body going.

It’s hard to sacrifice my ‘unhealthy’ eating habits.
Yes, it’s hard to cut down your favourite foods. Actually, you do not need to eat ‘wholesome’ food all the time. But if your stomach is not well, at least try to follow the above steps for 2 weeks as much as you can. Give your stomach a change to recover. As you get better, I also recommend exercising as it will get your circulation moving and you can rid of toxins out of your body faster.

Once you fix your digestive problem, you may find you suffer less from the following conditions:

  • headaches
  • tiredness/sluggishness/fatigue
  • diarrhea/constipation

Living with constant stomach pain is no fun. It robs you of a quality, fun and productive life that you deserved to have. As for me, curing the stomach ailments enable me to travel more often and I no longer fear night buses and long distance travel anymore.

Note: If your symptoms persists despite doing the above, please consult a doctor and go for a checkup. Extreme pain on the right side of your waist can means a burst appendicitis.

This article is part of the Stomach Ailments Series.

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  • anne

    Yin Teing, you should share your article on Natural Cures to Stomach Pains with out CPOs via ESOK/e-mail. I have been talking to a number of new CPOs (less than 6 months vintage) who has started to clock in MCs. Many of our the CPOs claim to be suffering from this. P/S Sorry .. I have to connect this back to work .. but it is so relevant for our CPOs .. cheers, annie

  • I have been have the problems listed above and had to admitted to the hospital
    for 3days where they did an colonospcopy and did xrays of my stomach and I
    had to drink that soulution that coats your stomach so they could see what was on the xrays , they couldn’t find anything wrong so I was discharged. the next day
    when I woke up I still have the same pain but now I understand more what the
    problem is my diet especially the fiber so I thank you so much and I will be back
    to let you know how things are going with me since I have changed my eating habits.

    • Yin

      I do hope that you would feel better. Recently my former boss was having the same problem and she told me that she is going to see a specialist for a complete checkup. I told her it’s stress related- because I used to have it (when I was working under her… 🙂 ) and she really need to learn to take things easy. Well, she went for a complete xray from top to bottom and true enough, the doctors could not find anything wrong.

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