consuming wildlife has harmful karmic effects

The karmic consequences of consuming wildlife

I have known of people who have penchant for wildlife meat eventually dying from illness like cancer. In terms of kammic explanation, many types of wildlife are not meant to be eaten. Example tigers, bears, monkeys, iguana, snakes, etc. The spirit of the animal is able to enter into a person’s body through the meat and blood that you consumed from it. The more torture the animal went through before it dies, the more hatred it gets, and the more vengeful the spirit would be.

Danger of watching and listening to ghost and horror stories

I noticed there is an energy shift. I felt my life force energy becoming weaker because of the negative emotions as the result of listening to these stories. I started to imagine things that feeling presence in my room or the nearby me after sundown. I started waking up feeling very lethargic, like energy being sucked out of me.

What to do when you start hearing voices or seeing things (psychosis)

Years ago, I was standing at the balcony of my apartment at the 8th floor when I heard a soft feminine voice urging me to jump to end my miseries and suffering. I looked down and felt almost a magnetic pull towards the ground. It was a very scary experience…. especially when I was sure the voice is in my head but it is not part of me! After that experience, I begin to feel afraid, especially of the dark. I would start imagining things or feeling some sensations of something unseen watching or following me.

What to do if you feel an urge to hurt or kill someone

If you find yourself constantly filled with destructive and seemingly evil intrusive thoughts, there is a name for it. It is known as Pure O OCD. Destructive thoughts that seemingly out of character, shameful and sometimes downright evil or socially unacceptable. If one understand these are bad thoughts and wanted to overcome it, there are ways that it can be done.

Are serial killers like Ted Bundy demon possessed to kill?

When it comes to gruesome murders being committed where survivors spoke about how the killers seemed to transform into something that totally frightens them. Ted Bundy (serial killer and rapist) was described as his look changing into someone very frightening- his pupils would turn totally black, his face changed into something very horrifying and it is accompanied by this terrible odor that came out from him.  Whereas Jeffrey Dahmer was said to shapeshift when he was attacking the victims.

Depression and suicide due to influence of malevolent and evil spirits

When your depression has reached a stage where you started hearing voices in your head trying to convince you that the only way out of your pain is to end your life, you must seriously start to question if those voices are from you or from ‘something’ else. Sharing from survivors where they heard voices urging them to kill themselves. Is it worth it to give in and be influenced with external voices?

Why nice and accomodating people get lupus or SLE

Mind body connection states that our mind are not separated with the body. How you react towards others in life would result in our body to react the same way. If often in our lives should have just said no but we did not, and we just let people take the lead, dictate our lives or walk all over us, us may invariably confuses the heck out of to our immune system.

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