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1. Work out your body and mind Aug. 18 – A new breed of trainers in London combine psychology with exercise.
2. 10 common weight-loss mistakes Sept. 1 – The ‘Today’ show’s Ann Curry talks to Lynn Grieger about what dieters do wrong.
3. Is your husband making you fat? Aug. 30 – Ann Curry talks with Food Network’s Ellie Krieger about healthy couples’ diets
4. Comfort foods: Worth the calories? Oct. 16: Diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom tells TODAY’s Al Roker good alternatives to those salty and sweet treats.

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It’s OK to Slip Once a While- Just Don’t Make it a Habit First, it's ok to slip up once a while. Nobody's perfect. It does not mean we are useless or is a failure. Don't hate yourself. Before I started eating sensibly, I used to feel guilty about my sweet tooth and food addiction, not realising it is attributed to the way the food I take react in my body. Still, there will be times when we will be ...
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