How to Get Rid of Tummy Fat

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Some experts said that there are no such thing as spot reduction- that even though you do a zillion sit ups, you will not get a flat stomach. I have seen results in friends that contradict that claim.

  • A colleague of mine, well, I must say he is a bit fanatic (and he knows it)- he and his friend do a whopping 500 sit ups at the gym about 3 times a week. Even his class instructor warned him he is taking that a bit too far. However, I could that his stomach really did reduce, despite that he never reduced on his food intake.
  • Another male colleague also gets a flat stomach through doing sit ups.

But please note that the above will only work if you incorporate cardio. If no cardio, tonnes of situps will not work.

For guys, it’s easier. The abdomen area is the first place that they gain fat but is the fastest to go whenever they reduce their food intake and/or exercise.

Well, for girls, there are some recommendations that you can use:
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  • first, stay away from peanut butter- a few days of eating that on bread can really deposit quickly on the abdomen. Absolutely minimize fried stuff- if you must, then keep the portions real small- and eat it after you filled yourself up with fibre (vegetables).
  • no sugar drinks- especially teh tarik , nescafe bungkus or any whipped cream ice blended stuff- it’s REALLY fattening because of it’s extremely high sugar content. And you’ll never see those calories coming.
  • it really helps to eat food in low Glyceamic Index. You can google the phrase and search for food suggestions.
  • learn about exercises that strengthens your core. Your core is your abdomen area. Pilates and yoga are excellent for developing core muscles. Enquire about a class near you- if you join a gym, they normally have these classes. Once your core is strengthened, you gained a certain stability and it helps your muscles to develop easier.
  • take up weight exercises that strengthens both your lower back and stomach. You need a strong lower back to support your body posture and strengthen the stomach. The weights will help expidate the formation of stomach muscles. If you don’t have excess to weight training, Pilates is good enough.
  • do cardio- aerobic activities especially jogging seemed to help disengage the fat and let your body/ muscles burn it off faster.
  • keep your stomach muscles engaged during exercise- it’s very simple- just suck in your stomach. This is especially very important during Pilates/ abdomen weight training to avoid injuring your lower back.

All you need to do is to develop stomach muscles and strengthen your lower back. Your muscles will take care of the rest.

Take things one day at the time. You did not gain your tummy overnight and you can’t be losing it overnight either. Have patience and faith. It’s human that you sometimes may slip up– just get up, dust yourself off and start again. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

You may want to try to exercise in this video (remember, always engage your tummy, ie tuck it in). You can search for much more videos like this from YouTube 🙂

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