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52 Brilliant Ideas-Winning at the Gym by Steve Shipside:

“Trust me! If I can get fit you can…”Once upon a time, I was so out of shape and overweight that my doctor told me I was well on my way to chronic back pain. I would have answered back but I was fully engaged in sucking my belly in at the time. I’m no superman and was never a gym bunny yet now I am an Ironman trialthlete and ultrarunner. That’s despite having Better Things To Do (watching telly, washing up, anything really).

On the way I’ve learnt that there is no marathon as grim and as glum as getting nowhere in the gym. If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the gym mirrors and thought, “what’s the point?”, then these are the ideas you need to go the distance, and get the results you want. –
(Posted on 12 Jan 08)

The following is quoted from Tom Seabourne of Athletic Abs
The All-at-Once Meal
Years ago, to save money because I am cheap, I tried eating one all-you-can-eat meal each day. My metabolism slowed down, and I actually gained body fat. Furthermore, I become lethargic, and my workouts suffered. I realised my body was efficiently storing fat because I was undereating. At the time, there was no way I would have believed that eating six meals a day would help to increase muscle and reduce fat. Today, I am still cheap, but I eat six meals a day and boast 5 percent body fat.
(Posted on 10 Jan 08)

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You did not gain your weight overnight, therefore you will not lose it overnight either. Take in easy, step by step- and one day- you’ll reach your destination.And while you are trying to reach your destination, don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the scenery along the way (this means, don’t be so hard on yourself, get help and support from people, etc)

(Posted on 20 Dec 07)

This is taken from Great Moments in Science website.
Spot Reduction of Fat by Karl S. Kruszelnicki Pty Ltd 2006
But if you perform several hundred sit-ups per day, you don’t burn the fat on your tummy. You just get stronger abdominal muscles. If you don’t change your eating or cardiovascular exercise habits, those stronger abs will just be your personal little secret, buried under your fat tummy. In general, when lots of fat is stored in one area, it was usually the first to be laid down, and will be the last to fade away when you eat less and exercise more. Your lovely “washboard abs” will be visible only when you get your total body fat down to very low levels.

Shawn Phillips, the fitness trainer who has advised Sly Stallone and Brad Pitt, says in his best-selling book, ‘ABSolution: The Practical Solution For Building Your Best Abs’ that the myth about the spot reduction of fat is the cause of many tragic cases of fitness failures. (This falls into the category of a non-Shakespearean tragedy.) And Arnold Schwarzenegger, seven-times Mr. Olympia winner, agrees. He writes in his ‘The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding’, “When the body begins metabolizing fat for energy, it doesn’t go to an area where the muscles are doing a lot of work to get additional energy resources.” In other words, you don’t burn up the fat where you are exercising the muscles. And take it from the Governor, he should know…

(Posted on 20 Dec 07)

If the secretary of state has time to exercise, what’s your excuse?
Condoleezza Rice, one of the world’s busiest women, finds time in her schedule to workout. Her day begins at 4.30am where she tries to squeeze in at least 40 min of cardio- even if she is on the road. For the complete story, click HERE.A video of her exercising is also available.
(Posted on 16 Dec 07)

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