A review of the three-pronged weight loss program by Nu Skin

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Nu Skin introduced a new weight loss system as mentioned it the press release:

“A three-pronged weight loss programme helps people lose weight by combining weight loss products, good nutrition and plenty of exercise.”

Personally, I find that this concept is well, quite creatively positioned because:

  • It combines group support whereby you will have up-lines constantly persuading you to buy more weight loss product- that you probably have problem refusing since you’re in the ‘support group’ and you may feel morally obligated to do that.

By using a ‘group support’ concept, customers and down-liners would potentially feed into a system whereby they would continue buying more supplements and other products by the company. If people buy this concept, then it is indeed a brilliant idea because it would create a huge success (and richness) for everyone- the diamonds, up-liners and whoever that is in this ‘mentor support group’.

The fact is, things like meal replacement rarely works in the long term- because everyone wants the real taste of food, not some kind of complete nutrition shake. And it is okay to eat more once a while (like a Chinese 10 course wedding dinner that you pay at least RM100 per seat for), so long as you have your own recovery plan. It is only through allowing the little indulgences that life have a bit of meaning and there would not be binging going on afterwards.

I do agree that if we eat more than we use, we gain weight and vice versa. But in today’s city dwelling, because of all the convenience of cars/convenient transportation/elevators, we tend to move around much less. Bicycling may not be a safe option if you are staying in the city, where the drivers tends not to notice the cyclists.

Going to gym would probably be a more convenient way to exercise because one can go at any weather, night time and it is relatively more safe with the rising crime rates today. Also, if you attend the calories bursting power classes, you get to burn much more fat compared to normal activities. And because you work at an anaerobic level (your muscles need to work with lack of oxygen), your fitness level increases and your heart need not work harder. Unless you can successfully stick to an exercise program on your own or you play sports few times a week, joining a gym may be the next best alternative.

And we should not be blame fast food and mamak stalls – temptations are everywhere and it really depends on how much we manage it.

In conclusion, I disagree with the way the concept is being sold to the public and I have my reservations on weight loss food products that are not in their natural form- natural form being like salads and vegetables. Those I know who have lost weight and keep it off successfully for years do not take any form of weight loss product or go to any slimming centers. They eat in moderation and eat as healthly as possible with enough exercise. They also learned to manage stress- because negative emotions and unresolved inner issues tend to trigger overeating.

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  • Eat several small meals a day and keep your calorie intake down to 1200 to 1400 with a daily walk of at least 1 mile.

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