Calories information available in the Air Asia in-flight menu


Update: Many of the items listed below is no longer available in the menu. Also the prices would have changed as this article was written in 2012. Their in flight menu is limited (good to prevent food wastage) – however you can pre-order the food when doing the booking (sometimes if the same food is available in flight, the pre-order food is cheaper).  It is still good to get an idea of the usual calorie content in the common food that we eat.

When I travelled with Air Asia recently, I was quite impressed that they’ve included the calories content of the food offered in their in-flight menu. It’s quite a useful resource so I’ve decided to publish it here. Now at least some of us would get a rough idea where those calories came from.

Scroll down below and I’ve typed out all the contents in a table:


The menu is based on the December menu – and Air Asia is getting innovative that they changed their menu every month. But the calorie content of the food gives quite a useful indication.




Menu Calories Price
Chicken slices & cheese sandwich 451 kcal RM9
Roast chicken with black pepper mushroom sauce 248kcal RM13
Pak Nasser Nasi Lemak 567 kcal RM13
Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice 546 kcal RM13
Pak Nasser Nasi Lemak with 567 kcal RM18
 + Ribena RTD 90kcal
 + Kit Kat 2F Chocolate bar 90kcal
Vegetarian soy meat curry with gourd, lentils and carrrot kottu 605 kcal RM13
Chicken ceasar sandwich with 484 kcal RM15
 + Pringles original potato chips 230kcal
 + Homesoy Soya Milk 130kcal
Tortilla A’la Tuna Wrap 487 kcal RM9
Mini chipsmore (original) with 94kcal RM10
 + Twister Orange 47kcal
Baked cheese cake 261kcal RM7
Triple chocolate muffin 470kcal RM7
Chatime Mango Green Tea with Rainbow Jelly 361kcal RM8
Chatime Roasted Milk Tea with Red Bean 228kcal RM8
Maggi Hotcup Chicken Noodle 256kcal RM6
Maggi Hotcup Curry 264kcal RM6
Super Cup Vegetarian Noodle 310 kcal RM6
Ho Fan Bowl 329kcal RM7
Oreo Cookies 140 kcal RM4
Kitkat 4F Chocolate Bar 182 kcal RM4
Snickers 265 kcal RM5
Pringles Original Potato chips 230kcal RM5
Pringles Sour Cream & Onion Flavour 207kcal RM5
Tong Garden Cocktail Nuts 170kcal RM7
Coconut Rice Poppers 233 kcal RM5
Thick Creamy Chicken Soup in Cup 100 kcal RM6
Dried Mangoes 150 kcal RM5
Twinnings English Breakfast Tea 16 kcal RM5
Super Charcoal Roasted Ipoh White Coffee (3-in-1) 140 kcal RM5
Aik Cheong 3-in-1 Instant Teh Tarik 184 kcal RM5
Milo 3-in-1 121 kcal RM5
Nescafe Classic (Black Coffee) 3 kcal RM5
Milo Cold 136 kcal RM6
Evian Mineral Water 0 kcal RM6
Spritzer Mineral Water 0 kcal RM3
Ribena 149 kcal RM7
Lipton Ice Tea Green Tea- Lemon Flavor 135 kcal RM6
Minute Maid Pulpy Orange Fruit Drink 135 kcal RM7
Soft drinks 100 plus, Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light 0 – 137 kcal RM6


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