Review of calories content of different types of premixed coffee/tea sold in Malaysia

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This is a ‘calories-for-thought’ for those who love 3-in-1 (coffee/milk with sugar and creamer) pre-packet tea/coffee. On average, one packet of this is equivalent to almost half hour of leisurely walk in the park.

So you may want to rethink if you are taking more than a packet a day:

No. Product Type Cal per packet Sugar content  per packet Fat content per packet
1 Nescafe Breakfast 3 in 1 119kcal 21.1g (carbs) 2.4g
2 Old Town Milk Tea 3 in 1 191kcal 30g (carbs) 6.0g
3 Lipton Milk Tea (Hong Kong style)  Not available  Not available
4 Super White Coffee 3 in 1 175kcal 21g 5.2g
5 Chek Up White Coffee Coffee + Creamer only 150 kcal (630k) 7.8g
6 Nan Yang White Coffee O Coffee + Sugar only 120.8 kcal 16.8g 0.6g
7 Farmosa White Coffee  3 in 1  175 kcal  5g  20g
8 Café 21 Coffee + Creamer (no sugar) 60 kcal 5g (carbs) 2g
9 Nescafe Regular 3 in 1 89 kcal 16.4g (carbs) 2.3g
10 Nescafe Rich 3 in 1 96 kcal 18.0g (carbs) 2.3g
11 Aik Cheong kopi o Coffee + sugar only 39 kJ 7.63g (carbs) 0.54g

Note: Over 95% (and sometimes 100%) of the fat content is saturated fat (lemak tepu) as stated on most the packets.

You’ll need to work very hard to burn off those calories that you’ve drank in your workout. Here are some past articles that may be useful alternatives:

a. Cut down your 3-in-1 from 2 or 3 packets to only 1 packet a day (for me, I’ve split one packet into half in the morning, and the other half at about 3 or 4pm in the afternoon)

b. Go for walks after a meal or climb the stairs

c. Don’t take too much of carbohydrates during breakfast/lunch. Always mix with fruits/vegetables (knowing about Glyceamix Index helps)

d. Exercise in the morning before going to work.

Below are pictures of the premixed coffee/tea (corresponding to the number on the table above):










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