A little exercise goes a long way

Last Updated on June 15, 2021

Just a bit of exercise goes a long way- especially in today’s stressful working world. You need not force yourself to go to hit the gym to “punish” yourself  to do hardcore exercises if you do not want to but you cannot forgo exercising.

Many people, even slim looking ones seldom exercise. They would rather focus on controlling food intake. But without much movement, the stress may cause a toxic energy build-up in our body. We need to defuse the energy through light and even relaxing aerobic activity.

A friend told me that he ‘workouts’ frequently…. almost every night in his bedroom…so that should count. And his job is very stressed and he’s a heavy smoker.

Well, actually, not really. Sex is a very intimate act- and if the stress levels are high, the negative energies can be passed over to the other person. That is why sometimes you may see complexion of those who are with the wrong kind of person becoming darker, nothing to do with the sun, but it is almost as though a dark cloud hovers over them. Therefore, if a child is conceived in that condition, the baby may be born with some fussy temperament- always crying and difficult, or with health problems.

Doing light aerobic exercises can help- again, no need to strain yourself too much, especially if you are not an exercise buff. In the morning, go for a little workout- brisk walking and light jog, and enjoy the morning fresh air. You would feel lighter.

By the way, very heavy and strenuous exercises also utilize our vital energies- and we are not happy while doing it, it may further aggravate the situation by causing even more negative energy buildup. Always do what you enjoy- start with what you like and feel can sustain and slowly build up from there.

As I have mentioned previously, most of us subconsciously force ourselves to do things that we do not like or want. But we are too out of touch with ourselves to realize that. Try to relate to light exercise as part of a relaxation regime- talking walks to calm down the mind. Don’t use it as a time to try to think or workout solutions or dwell in a negative energy state. Instead, use the time as a relaxation time to quiet the mind and charge our batteries.  Hopefully then, we would begin to feel just ‘well’.

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