Cardiovascular Fitness- key to health

Exercising, Overcome Fatigue

A lot of people who had been althletes during their school years grow up to become sedentary corporate employees or coach potatos. With inactivity, our health tend to gradually lead to a downward trend.

Dr Amir, in an article dated 1 February 09 in The Star’s Fit for Life section, entitled The Fitness Factor outlines the importance of cardiovascular health- and gave the hope that even though a person had been fat and/or unhealthy, it is possible to rebuilt back the stamina- even when one had passed 50. On the other hand, a person who had been fit and stopped being active will find their health deteriorating- in which the effects can again be reversed once the person continues to exercise.

run fitness exercise woman - Cardiovascular Fitness- key to health

He also mentioned many slimming salons are preying on those who want to lose weight but do not know how. I would think that opting for slimming center is not viable in the long run- unless you are very rich with lots of money to burn. Do read my previous article on Gyms Vs Slimming Centers, which one is better?

Oxygen, water and nutrients are paramount for our body’s survival. We will suffer permanent and irresversible brain damage if a particular part of our brain failed to receive oxygen in 3 minutes. At the same time, we also need to remove carbon dioxide and waste products from the cells to be disposed off. The transport system that is making all these possible is our cardiorespitory system- involving the blood vessels, the heart and lungs.

In other for our cardiorespitory system to function at an optimum level, it has to be constantly trained and challenged. Aerobic based activities are tools to maintain and improve cardiovascular health. Bad cardiovascular health makes existing health conditions even worse. The pain in arthritis gets magnified much more if a person is overweight and inactive. The blood sugar level in diabetes becomes more difficult to control without exercise and sweating. Hypertension, together with inactivity and increased stress in the workplace will only led to increase medication doses and a higher risk of stroke attack.

Even seemingly unrelated conditions such as headaches, sinuses, knee and joint pains, seemingly surceptibity to flu/cough and other viral infections and chronic fatigue can be very much reduced as the person gets more active.

Why is that so? Because as we improve our cardiorespitory health, the internal but vital transporation system becomes efficient and is able to function at the most optimal levels. A person who is physically fit has lower heartbeats per minute compared to an inactive person of the same age. That means the heart is able to perform the same function at lesser effort.

We all know what happens to an overworked, tired heart, rite- it is always the top 3 killer in most developed and developing countries.

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  • The problem is the fat in your belly. Think of this belly fat as stored energy. That’s what body fat is: stored energy. Thousands of sit-ups and crunches do not require enough energy to burn away at this fat. This is why crunches, leg raises, and other ab exercises just don’t work.

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