Taiji Wheel- good for frozen shoulders

This taiji wheel can be found in some of the parks locally. Quite interesting on the benefits written on the equipment:

It helps to develop strength of muscle around the shoulder region, improving the flexibility and agility of shoulder joints, elbows, wrist and strengthening cardiac and pheumonic functions. Good for healing frozen shoulders, functional hindrances and old injuries of shoulder joint and elbow.

How to use: Hold on to the wheel with both hands, wheel clockwise and counterclockwise. Duration: 10 minutes or more on each side.

I find the shoulder exercises taught in wai tan kung is also beneficial- even though the exercises looked simple, but when we start doing it, we would realise how tense our shoulders really are. Especially as most of us spend the whole say sitting in the office in front of the PC. Such exercises are excellent for the shoulders.

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