Enjoyable Exercises You Can Do at Home

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Here are some enjoyable exercises- where it raises your heart rate, at the same time, it is enjoyable:

Building your Favourite Playlist

You can also built up various Playlists from your favourite videos from YouTube. Your body will probably respond best from dancing to your favourite songs. And dancing is probably the best way to keep yourself moving, sweating and keeping boredom at bay.

Built as many playlists as you can and keep using different lists for each of your exercise routine.

Here’s a sample from my playlist.

You do not need to confine yourself only to dance music. If you love ballads or sentimental rock songs, you can still move towards those music- in more graceful movements involving longer duration.

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  • Thanks for sharing these. These should help anyone feeling that working out is a chore more than a necessity. You’ll more likely stick to your workouts if you find them enjoyable…because if you don’t then what’s the point.

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