Waist Trimmer or Wheel Turner Benefits

Last Updated on August 5, 2017

In selected parks, you can find the following exercise equipment, also known as the Waist Trimmer. There are also the home version where a person just stand around and twist:

What you need to do is to stand on the round movable plate- hold the handle firmly with both hands and then turn the waist left and right. The suggestion is to do 3 to 5 times, 5 to 10 times each.

Benefits (explained in the embedded note found on the equipment)

This exercise can strengthen the lumbar and abdominal muscles, improving flexibility and agility of spine and hip joints as well as shaping the figure. Turning the waist to a wider range of motion can help to relax the lumbar muscles, clear the channels of blood and blocked chi (qi). This helps to stimulate the circulation and strength in the kidneys. Those with aches, waist weakness, deficiency in kidney, strain of lumbar muscles, fatigue of body, etc can benefit from doing this waist turning exercise (you can find this at some parks in Malaysia and best of all, it’s provided free by the government to the public).


  • Weak or ill people should use this equipment if permited by their doctors and with supervision. Kids are not allowed to do the exercise without an adult accompaning them as they can easily injure themselves if they are not careful or distracted.
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