The Possible Downside of Green Tea

Arthritis, Kidney, Pain or Injuries

Green tea is a very popular beverage as many people consider it to contain cleansing properties. As I read many articles citing the benefits of green tea, I do not mean to discredit it- but if you suffer from the following symptoms after drinking green tea (whether hot, cold or processed), it could be caused from green tea:

1. Pain at the lower abdomen areas- around the place where your kidneys are located

2. Joint discomfort- green tea may be too cooling for some.

3. Sinus or sneezing

4. Rashes- sometimes accompanied by mild pain at the face or neck area- normally signs of mild allergy

The above is just in case because I suffer from at least one of the symptoms above whenever I take green tea- whether in the processed form, hot, chilled or served with a meal at Japanese restaurants. So I learned to avoid the beverage if I can.

tea sold in a tea plantation in Mae Salong, Northern Thailand

tea sold in a tea plantation in Mae Salong, Northern Thailand

A good friend of mine used to drink green tea everyday after her meal. She got the green tea, supposed to be of good quality as the tea is only served to first place airplane passengers. She thought that the tea was good as a detox as well as to wash away the oil from the food. After a few years of daily consumption, she was diagnosed with nepfritis (scarring of the kidneys).

Green tea may be good for certain people and detrimental for some. My purpose of writing this is just in case if you noticed you have the following signs after consuming green tea, then perhaps the beverage is not right for your body. In traditional Chinese medicine practice, a person’s body that is too ‘yin’ or cooling are told to avoid tea (any type of tea, especially Celyonese tea as it is very cooling) as it will further enhance the cooling properties. When this is the case, signs such as sneezing, joint pain and numbness will be felt.

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  • the antioxidants in green tea really helps prevent cancer and some other forms of tumors.~,~

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