Inexpensive Detox Using Salt Water

Last Updated on September 22, 2009

There are ‘detox’ plasters being sold in pharmacies- basically you just stick it, usually to your foot before you go to sleep for overnight. The next day when you wake up, the plaster, which is clear in colour will be black and wet, supposedly due to toxin removal.

From my science background, I conclude that it’s the principal of osmosis is at work here- diffusion of water from a more concentrated to a less concentrated surface through a membrane.
A friend who is well experienced in using traditional healing method taught me another inexpensive method- using salt water.

It works for:

  • Knee pain, due to excessive wind element (examples through constantly taking cooling food like Ceylonese tea or bathing at night)
  • Morning sinuses
  • General detox

This should be done at night prior to going to sleep
1. Boil some water in a pot. You need to estimate that the water level should be sufficient to cover your ankles.

2. Pour about 2/3 of a cup of coarse salt (garam kasar) into the water (do not use fine salt as it is not effective). Stir till all the salt melt and off the fire.

3. Pour the water into a pail or container. Becareful, the water is very hot (since it can melt all the salt)- don’t dip your feet into them or you will burn your skin.

4. Sit comfortably on the chair. Start by placing both your feet a few inches above the water to absorb the steam.

5. Then, as the water cools down, gradually soak your feet in the salt water. As mentioned earlier, test the water gradually to ensure it is not too hot for your feet.

6. After the water cools considerably, soak both feet till the water are already cold.

7. After which, wipe both your feet dry. No need to rinse your feet with water. Dispose the water safely (as the water would have contain some toxins from your body).

8. When you sleep, you legs will feel comfortable after the soak.

Precautions: For people with high blood pressure, use a bit of white liquor to offset the effect of the salt. Diabetics also need to be careful- make sure the water is ok before you soak your feet into it.

I have tried this for 2 nights and feel great.

Alternative: Epsom salt, with a teaspoon of baking powder can also replace the salt water.

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