Chinese food

Rice porridge and noodle soup would improve your health

Do you find yourself suffering from a general feeling of fatigue and exhaustion? Especially if you are not a morning person, you may feel especially tired in the mornings which sometimes cannot be overcome by strong doses of coffee. But in just about 2 months of consistently taking either porridge or noddle soup for breakfast, I feel a very obvious change in my energy levels. I was feeling noticeably much lesser fatigue in the morning and throughout the day.

Is bak kut teh healthy for you?

Bak kut teh is a well known known Chinese dish. Originally it was a poor immigrant’s dish where it is eaten to warm up the body. Usually pork meat is used and boiled with specific herbs with the distinct aroma and taste. While it is nutritious, there are reported health danger associated with too much intake of bak kut teh, one which happened to a manager in my former workplace.

Can Porridge/congee be kept overnight?

The answer is NO,. You should not keep your rice porridge or congee overnight. I know, logically there does not seems to be anything wrong with storing cooked porridge overnight in the fridge. The main reason why porridge or congee should not be kept overnight is because it would cause wind buildup in your body from the traditional Chinese healing perspective. 

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