Rice porridge and noodle soup would improve your health

Last Updated on August 8, 2020

Do you find yourself suffering from a general feeling of fatigue and exhaustion? Especially if you are not a morning person, you may feel especially tired in the mornings which sometimes cannot be overcome by strong doses of coffee.

I used to be a bread person. That means that in the mornings, I would often have bread with coffee for my breakfast. I seldom take hot food like soup or porridge. And I was always tired and my energy levels throughout the day is low for most part of my life.

In the past year or so, I started having hot food for breakfast. Most of the time it is either hot noodle soup or porridge.

Rice porridge very good for digestive system

At first, it took sometime to get used to it. Especially with porridge because to be honest, I dislike eating porridge. 

But in just about 2 months of consistently taking either porridge or noddle soup for breakfast, I feel a very obvious change in my energy levels. I was feeling noticeably much lesser fatigue in the morning and throughout the day. In the beginning it was so gradual that it was not obvious to me. It become obvious when I reverted to eating only bread for breakfast- and realized that my digestive system was craving for the comfort that could only be brought about by a bowl of hot porridge or noddles. A cup of hot coffee or cereal does not have that effect.

Noodle soup

I realized that the reason these food is good as food for breakfast is because it nourishes our digestive system, especially homemade ones without MSG or additives. Early in the morning, warm up our system with a glass of warm water. Wait for  a while then have breakfast of either porridge or hot noddle soup.

My mom’s health and energy levels have improved tremendously from a switch to soup and noodle based diet. She had previously suffered from jaundice and ascites (swelling in the body) due to liver cirrhosis from acute hepatitis B. Through the change of diet, her condition has reverted back to chronic stage.

In fact, during ancient times, the Chinese ate porridge or soup for breakfast. And if one were to observe healthy Chinese senior folks, they would tell that they always have something warm for breakfast. Just something that I wish to share for your consideration.

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