Determining Optimal Body Mass Index (BMI)

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The Body Mass Index (BMI) chart below only provide a rough idea of whether our weight, in proportion of our height falls under underweight, normal, overweight or obese category. Reading differs from one place to another. For example, in some countries, BMI of over 32 is considered obese.

Body Mass Index Table

Height (cm) Underweight BMI: 18.4 and below Normal BMI : 18.5- 24.9 Overweight BMI 25- 29.9 Obese BMI: 30 & Above
From To
147 149.9 ≤ 40.9kg 41- 53.9kg 54- 64.9kg ≥ 65kg
150 151.9 ≤ 42.9kg 43- 55.9kg 56- 66.9kg ≥ 67kg
152 154.9 ≤ 43.9kg 44- 57.9kg 58- 68.9kg ≥ 69kg
155 156.9 ≤ 44.9kg 45- 59.9kg 60- 71.9kg ≥ 72kg
157 159.9 ≤ 46.9kg 47- 61.9kg 62- 73.9kg ≥ 74kg
160 162.9 ≤ 48.9kg 49- 63.9kg 64- 76.9kg ≥ 77kg
163 164.9 ≤ 49.9kg 50- 65.9kg 66- 78.9kg ≥ 79kg
165 167.9 ≤ 51.9kg 52- 67.9kg 68- 81.9kg ≥ 82kg
168 169.9 ≤ 53.9kg 54- 69.9kg 70- 83.9kg ≥ 84kg
170 171.9 ≤ 54.9kg 55- 71.9kg 72- 86.9kg ≥ 87kg
172 174.9 ≤ 56.9kg 57- 73.9kg 74- 88.9kg ≥ 89kg
175 177.9 ≤ 57.9kg 58- 76.9kg 77- 91.9kg ≥ 92kg
178 179.9 ≤ 59.9kg 60- 78.9kg 79- 94.9kg ≥ 95kg
180 182.9 ≤ 61.9kg 62- 80.9kg 81- 97.9kg ≥ 98kg
183 184.9 ≤ 63.9kg 64- 82.9kg 83- 99.9kg ≥ 100kg
185 187.9 ≤ 64.9kg 65- 85.9kg 86- 102.9kg ≥ 103kg
188 190.9 ≤ 66.9kg 67- 87.9kg 88- 105.9kg ≥ 106kg
191 192.9 ≤ 68.9kg 69- 90.9kg 91- 108.9kg ≥ 109kg
≥ 193 ≤ 70.9kg 71- 92.9kg 93- 111.9kg ≥ 112kg

Giving an example, supposed a person is 173cm tall and weighs 75kg, the chart places the person in overweight category.

Please note that BMI -through using weight (in kg) and divide by square root of height (in meter) is not accurate for the following categories:

  • Children
  • Weight lifters- those with high muscle mass
  • Athletes
  • Pregnant or breast feeding women
  • Senior citizens aged 60 and above as overall weight may reduce due to decreased bone density.

If you want accurate measurement, surprising using the BMI clippers is quite accurate. Basically you use something that resembles a plastic clipper and you pinch and measure how much of flesh that you managed to pinch at 3 fixed areas- arms, stomach and thigh areas (it is different between man and woman). After you get the measurement, you feed into a complicated formula that will help you calculate the BMI. For body builders who are heavy in weight but have high proportion of lean mass, you will not be able to pinch out much flesh out- so when you feed it into the formula, the BMI will not give an indication of an obese individual.

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