Origin Point Medicine treatment to reduce pain in Ipoh, Perak

Last Updated on August 10, 2020

Update @ August 2013- The actual name is call Origin Point Medicine/therapy invented by Dr Chang Chao Han from Taiwan.

I came across this couple who operated out of their own home to treat pain using traditional method which is translated as “ancient point source treatment method” 原始点疗法.  The couple does not charge any fees but accept ang pau (whatever amount you want to pay which you can put in a red packet). From the treatment done, I could see that it is combined with acupressure and massage that clears the meridian blockages and correct structural imbalances.

When you go for the treatment, you would first need to lie face down on a treatment bed (the kind where you can put your face at a gap). You would be asked about what problems that you have.

Usually they would start from the acupoint located behind your ears and move downwards towards your neck. As the treatment progresses, it gets very painful– the more health condition you have, the more painful it would be.

After rubbing hard the acupoints located behind your ears and neck, they would check for your back – sometimes the elbow is used to massage certain points and if you have too much toxin accumulation or postural imbalance or health conditions, it would be very painful. Very painful even though the healer did not use a lot of strength- but placed at the correct angle.

After which, a thick blanket layered with hot red beans would be put on your back and covered with towels. The red beans become hot due to heating in the microwave. And it would be place on your back for about 20 to 30 minutes. You would be sweating profusely and would need to have an extra change of Tshirt.

Update 2018: I have managed to locate a video of this therapy in English published in YouTube:

Personal experience

I went there for treatment with a group of people earlier this year. Initially, as the healer worked on the back of my ears and neck, it was very uncomfortable, but bearable.

Then he worked on my shoulders and my back. It was painful but I was able to tolerate it.

Then as he moved his elbow down to my buttocks and pressed on the acupoints there, it was soooo PAINFUL.

Really really painful like as if I wanna give birth. Tears welled up my eyes- I could not focus on anything but the pain. I yelled and attempted to get off the bed but the healer, used to scenarios like this, pressed me down with the other hand and continue to knead at the acupoints using his strong elbows. He tried to make some jokes to light up the situation but the pain was too much for me to focus. I totally lost my composure but fortunately my companions encouraged me to remain strong for the sake of my health and in a while the pain should be over.

He told me that my body inside is not healthy and had I not undergo the treatment, if I had a fall I might have a stroke. His treatment is to correct my inner body imbalances.

But you know what- even though during the treatment it was painful, but right after that, my body felt so much better. That unexplained feeling of heaviness that used to make me very tired- that I had been able to only  control with exercise and wai tan kung but cannot really cure—the heaviness feeling went off after the treatment. My body felt lighter.

For some of my friends, they also had injuries from the back and knee and they find the treatment is quite effective.

The lady healer also said that in the past, she used to be quite plump and could not lose weight no matter how she dieted. But after she seek treatment, the pounds dropped off by itself.

A friend of mine, who had a growth in his head and through an operation suffered from complications- his eyesight was no good and his coordination was affected- he said he benefit tremendously from this treatment. Even though he is not completely healed but he was able to have better coordination and focus that helped him to work to take care of his family (he is the sole breadwinner of a big family).

Address and details of the healer:

If you are able to make it to Ipoh town located in Perak, Malaysia (about 2 hours drive north from Kuala Lumpur), do contact the healer to make an appointment.

51, Hala Bercham Selatan 4, Taman Gamelan Timur,
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Tel: +6016 5 40 4 9 6 3 Mdm See (primary language: Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay and can speak English).

Note: Photos from this article is taken from a book which is written in Mandarin that I bought from the healer.  The healer also sells a guidance book, portable acupressure tool  and CD but both are in Mandarin. You may contact the healer for more information.

Hope this helps you find the healer who can heal your pain.

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