Nutritious drink that is healthy and filling to prevent snacking

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Recently I’ve put on some weight again. Perhaps it is the stress of trying to balance both my working life and all the blogs that I try to update as frequent as I can, and the same time, giving time for my family and gym sessions.

As one of my strategies- before I could not fit in all my clothes (which I had altered to smaller size because of my earlier weight loss), I made the determination to stay away from snacking- that means no morning snacks (after breakfast) and no afternoon snacks (between lunch and dinner).

To prevent myself from going hungry, I keep the following in my office: Ensure with oats.


I drink Ensure because it has the nutrition needed and oats because it is filling. So far, I’ve implemented this for a few weeks and it’s working- after eating breakfast, I wait till lunch to have my next meal.

And because basically I don’t really fancy drinks like Ensure and almost dislike oats, I’ll rather wait till my next meal. With this, the weight even though not going down, is remaining constant.

Well, I was having 4 pieces of bread with peanut butter and mayo with a cup of coffee for breakfast previously. Because there was initially no weight gain, I thought I could get away with it. But I guess it took a while for the weight to climb- so it will take a while for my weight to drop back.

Therefore, if you’re the type who must eat when your stomach is empty, then perhaps you can try to use the combination above or other types of nutritious drinks combined with oats.

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