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Months ago I went on the no starch and no sugar intake. Well, there’s only an exception that I’ve made which is in the 3-in-1 coffee that I must have everyday. Else, during that time, all my food literally had no processed sugar, white flour, rice, glutton or starch. This is because those stuff are known to trigger food cravings and hunger pangs, leading to tiredness and mood swings. Surprisingly, it works and I do not feel so tired or hungry even though I was eating less- I realised picking the right type of food does make a difference.

Then when I went travelling, I reintroduced sugar and starch back to my eating plan. I don’t gain weight but I don’t lose any either. Things were ok for a while till I noticed that within these two weeks, I am developing food cravings again- wanting to eat either something sweet or salty even though I am not really hungry. I can still put up with that but one thing I cannot tolerate is increased feelings of fatigue and tiredness. Previous experience had convinced me that it was due to taking starch and sugar.

Therefore, last Thursday I had made the decision that I am resuming back to my initial eating plans STARTING FROM TODAY. Hopefully with that, I will feel less tired again.
The eating plan consists of:

  • eliminating sugar and starch as much as I can
  • taking food low in the G.I Index- ie food that does not trigger the sugar blues.
  • only exception is with the 3-in-1 Nescafe breakfast packet- will have 1 or 2 or those everyday.

See how it goes. Yesterday evening I’ve had a very good dinner with old friends. Today, I’ve just had some rambutans and a cup of my 3-in-1 coffee. Going for lunch shortly- consists of veges (today is full moon day).

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