My Brother Lost 14kgs in 7 months

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My brother’s journey to fitness, and losing lots of weight without diet, pills or supplement, is a true success story. He stands at 5feet 9 inches and used to weigh 90kg. I had wanted to write about this for so long but never managed to find the time. Now, I will just put it all in.

He’s quite a simple guy, who just basically exercise and exercise to lose weight. He did not cut down much on food.
Here’s the chronology:


  • He used to led a sedentary lifestyle- not much exercise. Over the years, his weight pile up little by little because he loves food. But the increase is only gradual because even though he loves food, he does not have a habit of snacking and drinking sweet drinks. Basically he stuck to 3 main meals a day except on Chinese New Year, he can gooble down to 200 pineapple tarts.
  • One day about 2 years ago, he talked to a colleague of his who had lost weight- his colleague suggested to him that jogging helps to lose weight.
  • That was all it took for him to start jogging. He started by jogging in the neighborhood during the evenings. At first, he could not even make it to a short distance. But he persevered and by June 06, his jogging/ brisk walks sessions will last for about 1 hour. Weight loss: Not obvious but he did looked slightly more toned.
  • If it rained in the evening, he will be jogging on the spot in the house- till his whole shirt is soaked in sweat. He’s been very consistent
  • Inspired by his increased fitness and energy levels, and triggered by my students that time who advised me to join a gym to beat fatigue, I made the decision to join a gym.
  • In June 06, I joined a gym- so I got him a trial membership in July 06. In one month, he exercised intensively using cardio alone (no weights or classes). He lost 5kg- without any reduction in food intake. That was when he realised he likes the gym but not the fees.
  • He still continued his 3 times weekly evening jogs but the increased stamina from the cardio had enabled him to jog longer distances so the jogs lasted from 1hour to 1.5 hours.
  • After months of persuasion and convincing him that exercises done in gym carries better caloric mileage, he finally signed up for the gym and started going regularly since June 07.
  • He does lots of cardio, and starting Nov 07, started going for classes (cardio machines get boring after a while).

Since he joined the gym, he has been very consistent- and he lost 14kg in 7 months. He lost 3 inches of his waistline alone. He’s not the type of guy who pours over magazines and websites in search of weight loss tips. He lost all that weight mainly through intensive cardio because he loved exercise. Many people, especially his colleagues complimented that he had lost a lot of weight. People who have not seen him for a while were shocked to see a much slimmer form since my brother had been overweight most of the time.

As we are going to different gyms, we will discuss about exercise plans and gym facilities. Today, I told my brother to add in more weight training after a guy friend who grew from being skinny to well sculptured shape told me he did more weights. I am sure he will see even better results.


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