Canned/Bottled Juices- Are They Good for You?

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Many folks will take a glass of Orange Juice for breakfast. The juice normally comes in a cartoon in various brand names. Are those really good for you?

Question: How can a cartoon of alleged “pure orange juice” is cheaper and provide more volume that if you were to squeeze the real fruit?

Most of the fruit juices sold in bottles or cartoons are nothing more than flavoured sugar water, and we are not even talking about fructose (sugar in the fruit form). Years ago, taken by the advertising on packaged fruit juice, I drank lots of it only to find myself gaining weight- for nothing due to empty calories.

The best way to have your fruit is in its natural form. If you are too lazy to bite and chew, then go ahead and blend the fruit but drink both the juice and the fibre together. Else, if you want the real thing, you can order from the hawker stall where they blend the real juice together- tell the person no sugar (so that the sacharin or whathever artificial sugar concuction is not added). Months ago, I remember I had once resisted the tempation to order milk tea and ended ordering carrot juice (from the food court). After that, I felt more energy and not so sluggish.

The fact that there are some so called pure juices that comes in can or plastic bottle that does not require to be kept in the fridge. Wow, so amazing- wonder what kind of stuff they put in to:

  • Preserve the so called fruit juice
  • Prevent the juice from oxidizing- we learned in science that Vitamic C will oxidize almost immediately when expose to air.
  • Prevent the fruit juice from turning colour. If you blend apple juice and leave it for 2 minutes, it will change colour. But if you take packaged apple juice, boy, the colour’s always golden.

Anyway, I wrote this article because I drank a few gulps of a bottled Orange fruit juice. Almost immediately, I started sneezing like crazy- it is the type of allergic sneezing.

So I am on the feet soak using hot salt water. I also drank a cup of hot honey and blow my nose after inhaling the hot vapor from the drink as I swallow it. Things seemed to improve much better and the loud sneezing that has been bothering me since the evening at the office is tampering off.

Update @24 June 08:

Woke up at 5.30am and the flu like signs came back again. Took a Clarityne (Loratadine) 10mg- no choice, today have a teaching class and I cannot afford to get sick and infect others with it. Slept back. After that, woke up at 8.30am and flu is quite bad and does not seems to get better. Then an idea struck me- what if I try to ‘clean up’ my digestive system? I had 4 slices of papaya skin (yes, I only like the hard skin part which no one in my family likes) with a bottle of 100 Plus (Isotonic sports drink). Wow, went straight to the toilet, passed out all toxins and immediately felt better.

That did it- the flu said goodbye and went its own way. Just a couple of light sneezes here and there but nothing serious.

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