Dangers of Processed Meat

Last Updated on August 3, 2017

City folks mostly led busy lives- work late and by the time we get home, we just pop in convenient meals. Who has the time to go to the market to buy chicken meat, marinate and cook for meals? Most of the time, we resort to either eating out or just having a quick-fix meal.

For those of us who are into exercising and into toning/muscle building, we may resort to taking less carbohydrates and more protein. If we are constantly on the go, having demanding careers, trying to find time to balance the rest of the time between family, exercising and social life, we would just have time for processed food.

In The Star paper last Sunday, an excellent article was written by Dr Amir that talks about the dangers of processed meat. To quote a part of the article on processed meat by Dr Amir:
Avoid processed meats
Meats (fish, chicken, beef, mutton, etc) are also heavily contaminated and should be ozonised the same way.
A report by the World Cancer Research Fund, entitled Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective (2007), revealed that processed meats definitely cause cancer. They reviewed 7000 studies on diet and cancer.
Processed meats are meat products that have chemical additives to alter their taste and preserve their shelf-lives so that they become marketable. These include bacon, hotdog, sausage, pepperoni, deli slices, canned meats, and many more. The harmful chemical additives are blamed for increasing cancer risk.
Burnt, barbecued meat also has high levels of carcinogens. So when you eat satay or BBQ, avoid the burnt parts. Better still, eat sushi, like the Japanese!”
More articles are available in his website http://www.superqigong.com/> Articles

Personal experience/observations:

  • the Chinese sausages- available during Chinese New Year. My mom just love Chinese sausages and the dried duck meat. She would buy and eat lots of it during Chinese New Year. She used to suffer from severe knee pain each time after Chinese New Year. It was so bad that she was literally limping and she winced each time she had to climb a flight of staircase. After a while, she noticed a pattern between the pain and her intake of the dried meat. She reduced the intake and the pain was reduced.
  • Aside from that, there are many reports in the newspaper about banned chemicals put into processed/canned meat especially those from China.
  • My neighbour used to buy bacon and other processed meat from Cold Storage. She did not have much time to cook and she loved red meat. Unfortunately, she later developed cancer and sadly died from it. I remembered she told me that she was sure she had the cancer from the red and processed meat that she used to take.

Eating Ready Made Fried Chicken

Recently I bought a packet of ready made fried chicken. They come in frozen packs that you can immediately fry. No defrosting is required – in the packaging, it’s mentioned straight from the freezer to the fryer (for real meat, you must defrost if you take out from the freezer). Wonder what they put inside to save you the time of defrosting.

Anyway, instead of frying, we heat it up in the oven and the amount of oil that comes out is scary. Can’t imagine the additional amount of oil had it been fried instead of placed in the oven. And every bite- the oil just oozes out. And after that, my tummy felt so greasy- the oil seemed to be stuck at the walls of my stomach and intensines. When I tried to exercise (not long after I ate the fried chicken), I had to push my limbs to move. Even the saturated oil that is stuck on the tray is hard to scrub off- imagine the effect on the walls of your intensines- especially if you do not take much fibre.

Not to mention the MSG and whatever flavouring that they put inside- makes my tongue totally dry and I felt so thirsty after eating the fried chicken- much worst than eating any type of fried chicken from restaurants or even KFC.

Also, the chicken is no longer fresh- you can even see that the meat is blackish. The spices and probably preservatives would help to mask everything.

Needless to say, it’ll be a long long time, if ever before I buy the packet fried chicken again.


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