The terrible consequence of drinking beer and eating uncooked meat

Last Updated on March 17, 2021

I know beer/ chilled wine and steak and lamb chop goes hand in hand in the Western meal indulgence. Many people like their steak/ lamb chop served raw or medium. If you constantly enjoy your steak/ lamb chop raw or medium or half cooked together with beer and wine ….and suffering from stomach uneasiness and headaches, please read on about the true story published not long ago….

There was a case reported in the Chinese daily :  a 39 year old man used to enjoy taking beer together with half cooked meat on a frequent basis. He later developed headaches and went to see the doctor.

The first doctor said that there was nothing really wrong with him. But since his headache was still very severe together with a very painful tongue, he went for a second opinion. Test revealed that his entire liver is filled with ……worms. The doctor regretted to inform him that there was nothing much they could do.

When one takes beer or any form of liquor together with uncooked or half cooked meat, the food would literally ‘come alive’ in the person’s digestive system. Worms would fester and grow, with the environment created by the liquor- and as usually beer is taken chilled, the temperature further hinders the stomach’s digestive acids from working and killing off the worms.

Once a while while having a good time with friends, it should not be too damaging. The body of a healthy and active person should be able to digest and kill off the microorganisms as it goes through the intestine track. However, if this becomes a frequent habit, then the digestive system is so weakened that it would not be able to effectively kill off the worms.

But when we take raw/ not properly cooked food or food that has been exposed to flies or overnight food, it may cause worms to grow- a condition that is made worse when our stomach acids, responsible for killing these wiggly things are either diluted with too much fluid or made ineffective by intake of cold drinks (that iced lemon tea or iced juice that comes with food).

Initially, our body’s natural removal mechanisms may start reacting by trying to purge the threat from the body- with means such as nausea that causes vomitting, diarrhea or fever.

But….but, what do most people do when they suffer from these symptoms? They go straight to the doctor and get some medicine to stop the vomitting and diarrhea. Doctors give them a course of antibiotics for the fever.

And then what happens? The medicine, having a strong supressive effect, override the body’s defense mechanism. As the result, worms continue to multiply and multiply- but the final straw that they are able to reach such dramatic extend to conquering the liver also means that the person’s overall immune is weak. Usually, unhealthy lifestyle factors such as inactivity, bad diet, stress, substance abuse would have led to the low immunity.

Worms exist in our body. They exists in our digestive track. I don’t think anyone could completely be ‘worm free’. But worms are not able to plan a stakeout and complete takeover because most people have the basic immune to counter them.

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